Growing Taller
Ann Harman, GCFP
The young woman, in my office for the first time, spoke to me about her back pain. She chronically slouched, and was concerned about her posture and its effect on her back.

I had her lie on her back, and began to gently explore the movements of her pelvis. Then, I lifted her head and studied how movements of her head, sternum, collarbones, and ribs related. Finally I returned to her pelvis and began gently pushing through the pelvis to the head, creating springiness in the spine. When I was finished, a small movement in the pelvis moved through the spine to affect the head.

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A Flip of the Hip
by: Jean Elvin, GCFP



When it comes to performance, what can you expect from a Feldenkrais lesson? Each performer is likely to have unique results despite the fact that everyone takes the same class. That is not too surprising, since everyone brings a different set of physical patterns (habits), movement history including possible injuries, and their own style of performance. Here are a few discoveries made by the performers in my "Feldenkrais for Dance" class at City College of San Francisco. Most of them are dancers (modern, ballet, ethnic, acrobatic, or hip hop), but not exclusively. We found some surprising effects, not only on individual performances but also similarities in how certain lessons affected several performances, even those of differing styles.

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Art Influences the Feldenkrais Method
by: Margot Schaal, GCFP



"I feel my curiosity peak when I watch you work," said a colleague. "I don't know what I'm sensing. How is your Feldenkrais practice influenced by your art background?"

My art background sometimes comes into the foreground as I teach the Feldenkrais Method – foreground/background creates (depth) perception in art. Figure-ground is a play between them which invites you to shift which is which, not unlike how my attention moves to different parts or aspects of a person as I work with her and how we ask Feldenkrais students to shift their attention throughout a lesson.

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The Feldenkrais Method for Actors
by: Tommie St. Cyr



Alan Questel teaches world-wide in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs. An actor before becoming interested in Feldenkrais work, Alan worked and toured with Jerzy Grotowski and Paul Sills. He taught Feldenkrais for Actors for several years at the New Actors Workshop in New York, run by Mike Nichols, George Morrison and Paul Sills.

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