You have spoken and your Board is listening!

Welcome to your Feldenkrais Guild® of North America!
You have spoken and your Board is listening!

We are moving toward a program oriented member benefit driven organization.

In 2016 we changed the organizational structure of the Guild. We support programs that offer the membership more benefits. Each item on the budget is being examined to assess the value to the membership along with the cost to provide the service. Your voice is being heard.

We are managed by the Volunteer Executive Committee, no longer utilizing an Executive Director. This was a huge budgetary change in the allotment of your dues. We have downsized the staff and are reallocating these funds to other programs. We are assessing the skill sets necessary to effectively produce valuable outcomes for our members and are seeking volunteers and, as appropriate, paid contractual positions when needs arise. We have begun to work with “Basecamp” which is a program management cloud system to organize the programs and volunteers who work with them. Each program has a “campfire” allowing the team to have communication and resources for storing documents for transitions in the team and the progression of the project.

Our public image and social interaction is one of our top focuses. We are in the process of designing front pages for the website that will be informational and focused to engage the “public.” We are working with the separate and yet joined “member” pages to be effective and fill the needs of trainees, practitioners and the training community.

Our membership and CORR are working with Hadley Coulter at Virtual, Inc. to connect to our members and offer more support. We are also hoping to attract people that have left our organization for a wide variety of reasons. We want to show the new changes and the current value in your certification and membership.

At the 2016 FGNA Board meeting prior to the conference a motion was passed to change the process of graduation and certification. Beginning 2017 all trainees who complete a Guild Certified Training will have to complete additional criteria to become certified. We are working with the task force to create the list of additional criteria based on the Feldenkrais® Practitioner Profile. Your certification has become more valuable.

We continue to support the need for service mark protection and the work with governmental relations. These are being challenged regularly by state legislative bodies and the massage laws. Become aware of the ever changing laws in your state and the difficulty of practicing without license or certification. We need a strong membership who value the use of service marks and stand up for the separation between the Feldenkrais Method® and massage. When you are called upon to write letters or make statements to your state or province legislative bodies, we hope you will respond positively and collectively.

We ask that you continue to support your membership in the Feldenkrais Guild and your right to practice with a precious Certification. Please contact people you know who have left our organization and communication the changes that are occurring. We are here for you!

-Nancy Haller, FGNA President