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Awaken Your Serpentine Spine
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Suzie Lundgren, MA, CFT (1997) See all events


Sep 10, 2013 – Nov 12, 2013
Tuesdays —9:30AM
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The Pacific Cultural Center
1307 Seabright Avenue
Santa Cruz    CA  95062

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Awareness Through Movement® Class

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Suzie Lundgren
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Awaken Your Serpentine Spine!
Ten Weeks Sept 10 - Nov 14

Take a look at a picture of the human spine and ask yourself, how was this structure designed to move? With 24 vertebral bones, three connecting curves, and 48 articulating joints, the spinal column is an amazing feat of engineering. It is built for twisting and bending in a variety of linear and circular ways, yet most of our daily tasks and even our exercise routines include precious few of these rich and varied possibilities. As a result, areas of the spine become rigid or only move in certain directions and not others. When we learn to move in more directions we feel better; pain and discomfort decreases; we feel taller and lighter; and we breath easier. Best of all, a well maintained spine can gracefully, safely and effortlessly serve us well for a lifetime. In these ten weeks, learn how to awaken your “Inner Serpent” and safely discover pleasurable movements that you may not have experienced for many years… If you are curious, want to enhance your fitness routine, decrease pain, or just feel less creaky, come join us!

• Awaken your spinal powerhouse.
• Learn the true capacity of your amazing spine.
• Discover ease and comfort bending and twisting.
• Reclaim spinal flexibility and fluidity.
• Move with elegance and resilience.
• Expand your expressivity and pleasure in movement.

Registration is required either with check to Suzie Lundgren, PO Box 7497, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
or online payment (see website class pdf or go to: register-online

Other instructors include: Marcia Margolin and Song Nelson