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Circles, Twirls, Sprials and Curls
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Suzie Lundgren, MA, CFT (1997) See all events


Jan 20, 2014 – Mar 25, 2014
Thursdays —5:45PM-7:00PM
Full Series - 10 Classes $205 or $175 (if paid before 12/09) ----- New Student Discount applied $184.50 or $157.50 Half Series - First 5 Classes $110 or $95 (if paid before 12/09) -----New Student Discount applied $99 or $85.50


The Pacific Cultural Center
1307 Seabright Avenue
Santa Cruz    CA  95062

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Awareness Through Movement® Class

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Suzie Lundgren
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Circles, Twirls, Spirals and Curls

A Ten Week Series of Awareness Through Movement® Classes

This winter we will continue the theme of improving and refining the multi-dimensional fluency of our spines. Each week, as we explore a new lesson, the circular possibilities of our moving life will emerge. By learning to access the curling, spiraling structure of the spine and the full range of our rounded “ball joints” we can facilitate a richer palette of spontaneous expression that many of us have not visited since early childhood. We can resonate more fully with our plant and animal friends and open ourselves to the larger possibilities of life. As with all of our class series, the lessons will build from simple to more complex and are designed for those new to the $FMREG.* Come play with us and up your aliveness!

• Awaken your spinal spiral.
• Learn the true capacity of your amazing spine.
• Discover the ease and comfort of circular whole body movement. • Reclaim spinal flexibility and fluidity.
• Move with elegance and resilience.
• Expand your expressivity and pleasure in movement.

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Send check made out to “Suzie Lundgren” to:  PO Box 7497, Santa Cruz, CA 95061