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Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement®
Open to: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Joan Clapper, OTR, MA (1996) See all events


Jan 09, 2012 – Nov 27, 2012
Mondays —5:30PM - 6:15PM
$40 for each 4 class segment with registration. Limited space for drop-ins -- call first ($12 a class for drop-in).


Albany Heartspring Wellness Center
1700 Geary Street SE
Albany    OR  97321

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Awareness Through Movement® Class

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Heartspring Wellness Center
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Call for schedule (541) 812-5656 for four-week segments

Join us for weekly Awareness Through Movement® lessons, based on the Feldenkrais Method®. Discover this subtle yet profound way of awakening your muscles and heightening your senses towards an effortless, yet powerful flow to your movements. At each class, the instructor will verbally guide you through a series of gentle movements completed while lying on the floor or sitting in a chair. You will explore daily actions such as reaching, turning, breathing, or walking. Increase your awareness of the day to day habits that lead to pain, stress or injury.

* Suited for those recovering from injuries or surgeries or those with chronic pain, overuse conditions, joint replacements or neurological challenges, such as stroke, Parkinson’s, or multiple sclerosis. The instructor has over 30 years of experience in the field of physical rehabilitation and adjusts the class to fit the participants. Call if you have questions about a particular condition.

* Beneficial also for those wishing to improve their performance, such as athletes, dancers, equestrians or those who want to prevent injury such as gardeners, knitters, carpenters, computer users, travelers – anyone who wants to discover how to feel better and move their body with more grace and power yet less effort or pain.

Bring: a blanket and a small pillow for under your head or knees. Wear comfortable, layered clothing. We will often be lying on the floor – instructor will provide assistance as needed.