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Feldenkrais® Lessons for Triathletes: Ease in Swimming, Biking, and Running
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Rebecca Ann Behling (2013) See all events


Oct 07, 2013 – Oct 22, 2013
Tuesdays —6:15PM - 7:15PM
$49 for three week series


Thompson Conference Center
2405 Robert Dedman Drive
Austin    TX  78712
[University of Texas Campus]

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Awareness Through Movement® Class

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Becky Behling


Enhance your full potential for precision, power, and spontaneity in swimming, biking and running with the Feldenkrais Method’s Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons. Dr. Feldenkrais recognized the brain as the core of movement and developed his lessons to guide you to greater effectiveness in all that you do. Since lessons are process oriented and not goal directed, the quiet and soft gestures of ATM®s coax the brain to evoke new patterns of action in an organic manner. As your awareness increases, unnecessary effort is identified and released so positive shifts in emotional and thinking patterns can emerge. With its attention to small details, the Feldenkrais Method® ultimately affects the entire body. Learning is at your own pace in a non-judgmental environment. ATMs access the intelligence of neuromuscular system to improve your flexibility, balance, coordination, and grace by enhancing your awareness of how you organize and sequence movement. You could think of it as brain-generated kinesio tape internally applied.

Special clothing: comfortable layered clothing.
Supplies needed: Bring a mat, quilt, or blanket to be comfortable lying on the floor. Also bring bath towels and/or small pillows for head support.

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