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Feldenkrais Method Annual Conference

History of the Annual Conference

The Annual Conference has convened every year since 1978. It is an opportunity for practitioners from all over North America and the world to come together and share ideas, continue their education, develop visions for the future of our work, and get to know one another. The conference features educational workshops, the annual meeting, forums and social events. In recent years, public participation has grown, bringing more visibility to our work. The conference is now a collaborative effort of FGNA and FEFNA. As our membership has grown, the conference has become a huge undertaking, representing the collaboration of FGNA staff and member volunteers.

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Conference Sites

1978 San Francisco, CA
1979 San Francisco, CA
1980 San Francisco, CA
1981 San Francisco, CA
1982 San Francisco, CA
1983 Amherst, MA
1984 Santa Cruz, CA
1985 Pingtree Park, CO
1986 Amherst, MA
1987 Seattle, WA
1988 London, England
1989 Montreal, Canada
1990 Los Angeles, CA
1991 Atlanta, GA
1992 Berkeley, CA
1993 Bronxville, NY
1994 Berkeley, CA
1995 Windsor, Canada
  1996 Berkeley, CA
1997 Tamiment, PA
1998 Los Angeles, CA
1999 Evanston, IL
2000 Washington, DC
2001 San Francisco, CA
2002 Santa Fe, NM
2003 Rhinebeck, NY
2004 Seattle, WA
2005 West Lafayette, IA
2006 Rhinebeck, NY
2007 Portland, OR
2008 Boulder, CO
2009 Forest Grove, OR
2010 Chicago, IL
2011 Amherst, MA
2012 San Mateo, CA
2013 San Mateo, CA<
2014 Arlington, VA