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2008 Conference for Practitioners and Trainees

From the Conference Committee

Bridging Worlds

2008 Feldenkrais Method Annual Conference

Pre-Conference July 25 - 27
Conference July 27 - August 1, 2008

Each Annual Conference offers us the opportunity to reconnect with our colleagues, to continue our journey of self-discovery and learning and to explore movements and ideas familiar and unfamiliar.  This year we have picked the theme “Bridging Worlds” to emphasize how we can use the Feldenkrais Method to explore other worlds- of performance, meditation, sports, science, etc- and how we can help others use our Method to more fully explore their own worlds.
An ongoing concern of the Feldenkrais Guild and its members is how to raise awareness of our Method and what we have to offer.  Many of us have discovered that we, the practitioners, are our own best advertisement. What better way to reach out to the public than to invite the local community to meet (hundreds of) us, move with us and explore with us the ideas that we find so fascinating, exciting, invigorating?  We have planned a Conference which does just that.

We are excited to kick off the conference with internationally known author, researcher and speaker, Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., a pioneer in integrative medicine, known for her ability to bridge diverse disciplines, whose personal vision is to bring science, medicine, psychology and spirituality together in the service of healing.  She is a dynamic and exciting speaker and many locals will be interested in attending the keynote address to hear Dr. Borysenko speak.  Once there, they will also learn more about the Feldenkrais Method and the Conference.  We will be letting people know about the Keynote Address and the Conference at our special public weekend; two days of workshops before the Conference, aimed at the public and oriented to address their interests in yoga, meditation and sports.  Of course, these workshops are also open to practitioners and trainees, and will be a wonderful opportunity for practitioners to pick up ideas and inspiration for presenting to each of these groups in their own communities.
During the week of the Conference we are opening a dozen workshops to the public, giving them the chance to experience the Feldenkrais Method. Every workshop open to the public will also give beginning trainees many opportunities to participate in the Conference. And some workshops will be open to the public in the morning session, while the afternoon session, for practitioners, will build on the experiences with the public from the morning session.
Of course, all workshops are for practitioners, and there will be many workshops for practitioners only.  And, responding to numerous requests from the old-timers, there will be six workshops (one every day of the Conference and Pre-Conference) that will be open only to experienced practitioners (5+ years). These workshops are specifically designed to build on your knowledge, challenge you, and expand your understanding and application of our work.

    So, whether you are in the first week of a training, are a recent graduate, or have been practicing for years- this Conference has something for you.  We hope to see you there!

Katrin Smithback
Program Committee Chair

Program Committee
Peter Cover, Conference Coordinator
Diana Razumny
Sissel Rhyme
Katrin Smithback, Chair
Chris Wismer

Annual Conference Podcast

Listen to an interesting podcast with Katrin Smithback, Diana Razumny and moderated by Ryan Nagy on the 2008 Conference Program Committee’s work, and this year’s Conference Educational Program.