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2008 Conference for Practitioners and Trainees

Presenter List

We have the following presenters at this year’s conference and pre-conference.  For more information about which workshops they teach, view the pre-conference page or workshops-at-a-glance page.

Barbara Anderson

Barbara Anderson (1986) holds a master’s degree in dance (George Washington University), is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist and Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor. She owns and directs the movement studio Body and Soul of Kansas City where she teaches 150 students/week integrating the Feldenkrais Method, yoga, and Pilates.

Pamela Beets

Pamela Beets (1991) has worked with riders and horses in diverse fields from roping to dressage for over 20 years. Pam has studied extensively with Linda Tellington-Jones, as well as participating in clinics with respected equestrian teachers Sally Swift and Susan Harris, and Olympic medalist Kim Walness.

Donna Blank

Donna Blank (1983), MS, CFT, CMA, is a Feldenkrais trainer with a background in dance, sculpting, Laban Movement Analysis, meditation and Authentic Movement, activities that inform her work in creativity, learning and positive self-image.  A founder of the Master’s program at Wesleyan University, she practices in the Washington, DC area and the Hudson valley.

Darrell Bluhm

Darrelll Bluhm (1996) is a sixth-dan, Shihan in Aikido and chief instructor of Siskyou Aikikai in Ashland, OR, where he teaches Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan and maintains a private Feldenkrais practice.  This year is his sixth season with the acting company of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, combining thirty-five years of martial arts experience with the Feldenkrais Method.

Mischul Brownstone

Mischul Brownstone (1983) has been exploring touch in both its subtle and concrete manifestations in Functional Integration for many years.  He calls this aspect of his work The Language of Touch.

Linda Flanders

Linda Flanders (1991) is CEO of Taproot, Inc., specializing in education through the arts. She has a degree in criminal justice and is an independent filmmaker. Linda is a published author and national conference presenter. She specializes in using the media arts to work with atypical behavior.

Julie Francis

Julie Francis (1994) is an assistant trainer.  Much of her private practice is focused on working with persons with psychomotor dysfunction and chronic pain, as well as those who in various stages of emotional discovery.  Julie informs her teaching with gentle humor and a playful spirit that makes learning fun.

Alice Friedman

Alice Friedman (1987), MA, R.Psych., is an Feldenkrais assistant trainer with a background as a psychologist and trained dancer.  She has studied and taught Somatic Experiencing® trauma recovery work in addition to studying Ericksonian hypnosis, cranio-sacral therapy and meditation.  Alice practices in Victoria, BC and on Salt Spring Island.

Jean Fung

Jean Strybos Fung (2005) was a former research scientist before becoming a convert to movement and dance. As one of the tango pioneers in the USA,  she was instrumental in creating a tango community in the greater Philadelphia area.  She teaches Argentine Tango and the Feldenkrais Method in NYC, Princeton, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA

Erin Geesaman Rabke

Erin Geesaman Rabke (2007) has been practicing yoga since 1987 and teaching since 1995. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she maintains a full-time private practice in The Feldenkrais Method, yoga and yoga therapy as well as offering regular workshops and courses. She loves her livelihood.

Carl Ginsburg

Carl Ginsburg (1977), PhD, has been a Feldenkrais trainer since 1991 and has written extensively about the Feldenkrais Method. He is now completing a book, The Intelligence of Moving Bodies.

Lawrence Goldfarb

Larry Goldfarb (1983), Ph.D., is an author, movement scientist and trainer. Founder of Mind In Motion, he currently directs trainings in Manhattan and Amsterdam. Known for demystifying the method and for his commitment to each student’s learning, Dr. Goldfarb offers practitioner supervision, advanced trainings and mentor training programs.

Jae Gruenke

Jae Gruenke (2003), runner, former dancer, and owner of Intelligent Exercise LLC, focuses on developing workshop and individual lesson formats addressing running performance. She works with runners and running teams in the New York City area.

Irene Gutteridge

Irene Gutteridge (2007), MSC, practices the Feldenkrais Method in Whistler, British Columbia and teaches principles of the Feldenkrais Method to the Canadian alpine ski team.  She brings twelve years of expertise from the exercise and health sciences to her work and is praised for her ability to provide and capture unique environments for human learning.

Jeff Haller

Jeff Haller (1983), PhD, has been a Feldenkrais trainer since 1993.  His background includes Transpersonal Psychology, athletics, martial arts, and outdoor activities.  He strives to provide his students with classroom settings that help in the development of dynamic and effective ways of working with their students as well as with themselves.

Kathy James

Kathy James (1983) is a Feldenkrais practitioner and assistant trainer. She holds a second-degree black belt in the martial art of Aikido and is trained as a dancer.  She is also an adjunct faculty member at John F. Kennedy University, teaches through Kaiser Permanente and has a private practice in Petaluma, California.

Keith Johnson

Keith B. Johnson (1997), MS, studied laser physics at the University of Illinois, toured for eight years with an avant-garde music ensemble, and worked at the Gesundheit-Institute in West Virginia while training to be a Feldenkrais practitioner in Strasbourg, France.  He currently practices full-time in Chalottesville, VA, serving retirees, equestrians and tri-athletes.

Shannon Kolman

Shannon Kolman (2006) is a Feldenkrais practitioner working in Golden and Denver, Colorado.  A Colorado native, Shannon has been mountain biking since the late 1980s (before bike shocks) and road cycling since 1990.  After a debilitating injury, Shannon used the Feldenkrais Method to regain her ability to cycle again with power and ease.

Margaret McIntyre

Margaret McIntyre (1986) is an assistant trainer and fully qualified PSIA ski instructor/trainer in the Vail Ski School, where she founded her “Signature” Integrated Skiing and Snowboarding programs and presents her programs each winter. She has also developed corporate Wellness programs. Now based in Maui, she also surfs and windsurfs.

Teresa Miller

Teresa M. Miller (1999), PhD, PT, has a PhD in physical therapy from Temple University. She is a clinical assistant professor of physical therapy, Downstate Medical Center, NYC and also owns a private practice.  Her research activities include outcomes, processes and decision making in the practice of the Feldenkrais Method.

Moti Nativ

Moti Nativ (1994) served four years as Israel’s Feldenkrais Guild president and ETC rep. Shihan (master teacher of martial arts), head of the Israeli Bujinkan Dojo.  He has been teaching martial arts since 1978, is proficient in Budo-taijutsu (Japanese ancient fighting arts), Judo, and Krav Maga (military combat system.)

Fred Onufryk

Fred Onufryk (1991), MS, PT, is passionate about working with musicians. He has worked with students and faculty at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. He also loves snowboarding, mountain biking, and Thai cooking.

Jean Pierre Martin

Jean-Pierre Martin (1991) has been interested in movement for more than 35 years.  He was certified as a fly-casting instructor by Joan Wulff and studied with Jason Borger of A River Runs Through It fame.  Jean-Pierre writes articles for fly-fishing magazines and gives workshops and presentations during fly-fishing events.

Lavinia Plonka

Lavinia Plonka (1994) has been a member of the Gurdijeff Foundation for more than twenty-five years.  She blends her background in theater, dance and inner arts to excite people around the world about the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method.  She has written two books and is director of Asheville Movement Center in NC.

Carl Rabke

Carl Rabke (2007), LMT, maintains a full-time private practice in Structural Integration, massage, and the Feldenkrais Method in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He offers regular workshops and courses in Awareness Through Movement.

Donna Ray

Donna Ray (1986), MA, MFT,  is a Feldenkrais trainer, educational director and psychotherapist who has studied and taught human transformation for more than 25 years.  Her private practice (Cardiff, San Diego) and teaching include infants to seniors, those severely challenged to successful performers.  She is interested in improving relational behaviors using the Feldenkrais Method and psychotherapy.

Diana Razumny

Diana Razumny (1993), a Feldenkrais trainer, has extensive experience with training programs in various capacities since she enrolled in her own in 1989. Assisting in five trainings continuously, she has designed curriculum including several segments with an emphasis on walking.

Judy Remedios

Judy Remedios (1997) holds a second-degree Black Belt in Aikido, has more than thirty years of teaching experience in Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation, is a musician and Feldenkrais practitioner.  Her background includes sports, music, psychology and martial arts; bridging Eastern and Western philosophies and the study of Being (ontology).

Bob Schlesinger

Bob Schlesinger (2007), a professional musician for thirty years, has been touring the country playing jazz, the blues, and R&B.  He has a degree in music theory and composition, composes music for film, and teaches piano and the Feldenkrais Method in Boulder, CO.  He presented this workshop in his training with rave reviews!

Anastasi Siotas

Anastasi Siotas (1997) organizes NYC Feldenkrais teacher trainings as well as advanced professional trainings for Mind in Motion.  He is a pioneer trainer in Bones for Life® and a teaching assistant for choreographer/anatomist Irene Dowd.  He is currently completing the Certified Movement Analyst training through the Laban Institute in NYC.

Katrin Smithback

Katrin Smithback (1983) is a Feldenkrais Trainer teaching in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, she has an active private practice in Santa Fe, NM, and has taught Feldenkrais in the theater and dance departments at the College of Santa Fe.  She leads numerous workshops and mentoring groups for trainees and practitioners.

Jim Stephens

Jim Stephens (1987) is co-chair of the Feldenkrais® Educational Foundation of North America Research Committee, has a PhD in Neuroscience, is on the physical therapy faculty at Temple University and has an independent Feldenkrais Method practice.  He has published peer-reviewed, quantitative and case report research about the Feldenkrais Method, most recently in the Physical Therapy Journal in 2006.

Lisa Tsetse

Lisa Tsetse (2001) maintains a Feldenkrais Method practice, teaches creative movement, and choreographs and directs multi-arts performances in Ithaca, NY.  Early influences include modern and post-modern dance, dance movement therapy, and the practice of Authentic Movement.  In 1979 she co-founded the Fort Wayne Dance Collective.

Donald Vanhowten

Donald Van Howten (1997) has studied massage, Polarity therapy, postural integration, cranial osteopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy, visceral therapy, acupuncture, and the Feldenkrais Method.  He is an instructor at the Ayurvedic Institute and teaches his work around the globe.  He is the author of ‘Ayurveda and Life Impressions Bodywork’.

Charlotte Watership

Charlotte Watership (1991) has practiced the Feldenkrais Method in her private practice and with certified hand therapists, specializing in clients experiencing shoulder, elbow and hand injuries and neurological disorders. Charlotte has also been an occupational therapist for 28 years and has been fascinated by the connection of the Feldenkrais Method and Sensory Integration.

Frank Wildman

Frank Wildman (1977), Ph.D,  is the producer and educational director of numerous Feldenkrais professional training programs and is best known for his presentations of specialized programs to public and professional audiences.  His most recent materials include “Your Brain as the Core of Strength and Stability,” and “Improving with Age.”

Prisca Winslow Bradley

Prisca Winslow Bradley (1991), a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, has a private practice in Taos, NM and assists in Feldenkrais training programs. Twelve years ago her experience as professional dancer, teacher and choreographer inspired an annual week long Feldenkrais/Dance intensive for Dance Teachers. Prisca has taught workshops for WTXU, BalleJorgen, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Sarah Lawrence College, among others. Her most recent excitement is learning trapeze.