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2008 Conference Events Open to the Public

Bridging Worlds

2008 Feldenkrais Method® Annual Conference

Friday, July 25 — Friday, August 1, 2008 University Memorial Center University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado

Bridging Worlds is the perfect name for this year’s Annual Conference.  Please join us in bridging the world of the Feldenkrais Method to your world.  We have invited some of the top teachers in their fields to present workshops that bridge between the Feldenkrais Method and other modalities in order to share with you this incredible body of work, which has been a well-kept secret to much of the world.  Finding out about the Feldenkrais Method  will change the way you move and think in the world.  Reconnect with your natural ability to move, think and feel!  Start by joining us for a weekend workshop or for our Keynote evening with Dr. Joan Borysenko, and stay for the week!

Joan Borysenko Keynote: Please join us to hear renowned author Dr. Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. speak with us about Awareness and Healing. Mending the Mind: Bridging Awareness and Healing University Memorial Center July 27, 7 pm, Glen Miller Ballroom $15.00 Seating is limited, please arrive by 6:30pm

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