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2008 Conference Events Open to the Public

Free morning Awareness Through Movement® classes


Various teachers


Jul 27, 2008 – Jul 31, 2008

Conference 2008 ATM Class

Open To: Public


Cost: Free - no registration required


EXPERIENCE the Feldenkrais Method! It’s the only way to begin to understand what this new “movement” is all about. We are offering seven FREE Awareness Through Movement classes every morning, Monday through Friday. This year the seven themes to choose from are: Yoga, Pilates, Running, Tango, Voice, Rolfing®/Structural Integration and Recordings from the International Feldenkrais Federation Archives of Moshe Feldenkrais himself. You can enjoy five days straight of any theme or you are free to go to a different theme each morning. See below to learn a little more about each theme. We’ll post more details about each of these 35 classes on this website a few weeks before the Conference. Please come back and visit to view the choices.

Learning in Awareness Through Movement lessons is a unique experience. Students are encouraged to move in a slow and gentle way, paying attention to sensation so that they stay within the realm of their own comfort. Instructions are given to guide the student’s awareness so they may notice how they are doing what they are doing and how the whole of themselves can be involved in the movement patterns being explored in the lesson.  (It is not necessary to register in advance for these classes.)

Please contact the concierge desk located on the 2nd floor of the UMC Building Atrium for directions to the class of your choice. Come prepared to move in comfortable clothing.

“If you know what you are doing, you can do what you want.” — Moshe Feldenkrais

1)Integrating Structural Integration

  A series of lessons to help one deepen, integrate and embody the effects of Rolfing/Structural Integration sessions.

  2)Tango, an act of balancing

  Feldenkrais lessons to enhance and inform your dance.

  3)Feldenkrais Method for Yoga

    Lessons for embodying and refining self awareness, to bring more ease, integrity and pleasure to your yoga practice – on or off the mat.

  4)Vocal Awareness

    Integrating voice into the study of the whole self and the whole self into the study of voice.

  5)The Feldenkrais Method for Pilates

    Learn movement patterns that provide awareness for accurately executing your Pilates exercises.

  6)Run stress-free

    by including Feldenkrais  Awareness Through Movement into your warm up, your run and your cool down.

  7)The First Feldenkrais Teacher

    Learn directly from the founder of the Feldenkrais Method. Recordings of Moshe Feldenkrais teaching in a variety of public workshops.

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