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H3: Creative Learning through Movement with Children


Sonja Sutherland (1997)


Aug 05, 2009

2009 Conference Workshop

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How do we make learning effective, exciting, personal and fun? How do we create curriculum that is functionally oriented rather than fact driven - engaging the learners in a dynamic process in which they absorb understanding, instead of memorizing material? Through Awareness Through Movement® lessons, discussions, and movement explorations, we will engage in our own creative process to discover how we can spark curiosity, foster creativity, enhance self-image, and create life-long learning. In the spirit of experiential education, a group of children will visit our workshop as we experience with them “Creative Learning through Movement.”

Presenter Bio(s)

Sonja H. Sutherland (1997) holds a Masters in Choreography and Dance Education, a black belt in Aikido and studies Formative Psychology extensively.  For over 11 years, she has developed and taught “Creative Learning Through Movement” curriculum at an elementary school.  She also maintains a private Feldenkrais® practice with children, adults and seniors in Berkeley.

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