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W2: Power Learning: The Feldenkrais Method® in the Classroom


Beth Sidlow Mann (1997)


Aug 04, 2009

2009 Conference Workshop

Open To: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Cost: $100


Instantaneous learning - how does it happen? What are the conditions that allow for a child to be in the “Academic Zone” - where learning is fun and easy? Power Learning utilizes Feldenkrais Method concepts of variation, differentiation, and quality of movement, to improve student performance. Now you can learn how to enhance student learning with just a few easy steps. Whether you are a practitioner, a teacher or a parent, you will enjoy Awareness Through Movement® lessons with a child-oriented twist, and discover how integrating these ideas and strategies into academic activities can improve performance, enjoyment, and satisfaction of learning

Presenter Bio(s)

Beth Sidlow Mann, (1997), GCFP and Assistant Trainer, is the owner of Movement Improvement, a private practice in Campbell, CA.  Her specialty is working with children and adults with pain and neurological disorders, as well as those wishing to improve performance in sports, academics, and the arts.

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