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T1: Expanding our Reach in Research: Working on Several Fronts


Pat Buchanan, PhD, ATC, PT (1996)
Jim Stephens, PhD, PT, GCFP (1987)


Jul 26, 2010

Conference 2010

2010 Conference Workshop

Open To: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Cost: $50


Meet with your colleagues who are conducting research on the Feldenkrais Method® in a number of arenas. This presentation will include a poster session and time to talk with the researchers. Jim Stephens will be reporting on new research involving mapping of body image and it’s relevance to our work. Pat Buchanan will lead a discussion of the FeldSciNet project and its potential for expansion. She will also give an update on the status and future development of the Esther Thelen Research and Education Fund for research. Come and learn what the fund supports and how to apply.

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Presenter Bio(s)

Pat Buchanan, PhD. (1996) is the chair of the Esther Thelen, PhD, GCFP Research and Education Fund Subcommittee of FEFNA, Feldenkrais® teacher, certified athletic trainer, physical therapist, and associate professor at Des Moines University in Iowa. From a dynamic systems perspective on development, she uses biomechanical, strength, and observational methods to evaluate motor behavior and the effects of interventions targeting improved movement and awareness.

Jim Stephens PT, PhD. (1987) is chair of the FEFNA Research Committee. He has taught movement sciences at Widener, Drexel, and Temple Universities and is currently working with elderly individuals in the LIFE program at the University of Pennsylvania. He also maintains a private practice in the Feldenkrais Method®.

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