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PreCon3: Child'Space, a method for working with infants and toddlers, based on the theory of Dr. Feldenkrais


Chava Shelhav


Jul 23, 2010

Conference 2010

2010 Conference Workshop

Open To: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Cost: $115


The ways infants perceive, organize and process information directly affect the development of their movement skills and the ways they relate to their environment. In recent years we are witness to a growing number of children requiring special education services, as early as in kindergarten. Supporting infants and their parents on this critical journey influences infants’ physical, social and emotional adjustments throughout their life span. The Child’Space Method emphasizes the importance of stimulating all biological systems in the critical developmental period of the newborn up to independent walking. Involving the parents in this process is at the heart of the method and an essential component of its success.

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Presenter Bio(s)

Dr. Chava Shelhav (1971) was one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ first assistants both in Israel and abroad, and worked with him at the Feldenkrais Institute in Israel. She is the founder of the Child’Space Method, and has led training programs in Israel, Amsterdam and Chicago.

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