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Keynote Panel: Amherst Perspectives – How the Feldenkrais Method® Has Evolved


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Jul 08, 2011

Conference 2011

2011 Conference Special Event

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Our Keynote Panel will reflect on the ideas and perspectives that Dr. Feldenkrais presented in the Amherst training. The 1980-81 training addressed the fundamental principles of our work, forming a foundation for our profession and creating a teaching resource utilized by most Feldenkrais® Professional Training Programs training and advanced training programs in the world today. Now, 31 years later, those that experienced the work then have a unique perspective on where we have been as a community and how we might continue to evolve in it. This keynote panel discussion will be a unique opportunity to share an in-depth experience of Dr. Feldenkrais’ foundational principles, influences and ideas during this period.

Donna Blank (1983), MS, LMA, is a practitioner/trainer who practices in the Washington, DC area and the Hudson Valley, NY. Her background in the arts, education and Laban Movement Analysis, as well as her ongoing work in meditation and Authentic Movement inform her interests in creativity learning, and consciousness. She has served on the Guild and the IFF Boards of Directors and the North American Training Accreditation Board, and has chaired a Guild conference in Washington, DC.

Edward (Ned) Dwelle (1977) is a U.S. American living in the mountains between Germany and Austria. Ned gave FIs at the Feldenkrais® Institute (Tel Aviv) under Feldenkrais‘ supervision during yearly study periods from 1977 to 1982. He is Educational Director of trainings in Austria and Sicily and has taught in trainings throughout the Feldenkrais world.

Larry Goldfarb (1983) is a movement scientist, multi-media author, and Feldenkrais® trainer known for his ability to demystify the method. He directs professional programs and advanced trainings the world over while maintaining a private practice in Santa Cruz, CA. Larry is the founder and director of

Elinor Silverstein (1983) was raised in a family surrounded by the Feldenkrais Method®. Both her parents studied from Moshe in the 1950’s before coming to America, and her mother grew up in the Feldenkrais home while in transition from Russia to Palestine. Elinor uses her background in biological sciences in her teaching of Moshe’s work which she holds near and dear to her heart, specializing with neurologically challenged children, teens, and adults.

David Zemach-Bersin (1977) is one of Dr. Feldenkrais’ original American students, and studied with him from 1973-1984 in U.S., Europe and Israel. David is the Director of the New York City and Baltimore Feldenkrais® Training Programs. He is a past President of The Feldenkrais Guild, co-founder of Feldenkrais Resources and The Feldenkrais Institute of New York.

Moderator: Dwight Pargee (1996) is dedicated to the mindful, embodied exploration of human vitality, efficiency and elegance. He has studied the movement sciences and martial arts for the last 28 years and holds degrees in exercise science and kinesiology. Dwight is an Assistant Trainer with a keen interest in developing young practitioners in our community and has served as part of the IFF Competency team.

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