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News from Childhood: Treasures from Moshe's Earliest Known Writings


David Kaetz (2001)


Jul 09, 2011

Conference 2011

2011 Conference Special Event

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In Feldenkrais’ little-known childhood writings we have a message from a vanished world - the self-portrait of a gifted child, and through his eyes, a window on history. Moshe wrote these pieces during WWI, when he was a month short of eleven years old. His family, community and the world around them were in crisis. Refugees were appearing at the door, massacres and lynchings were reported nearby. Meanwhile, he was in school, writing (beautifully) about his life, his family, friends, memories, and dreams. This is a multi-media presentation, with stories, music, photos, and readings from the journal.

Presenter Bio(s)

David Kaetz (2001) is a Feldenkrais® practitioner, musician, storyteller and writer. He is the author of Making Connections, a book about Moshe’s cultural background, and co-translator of Moshe’s childhood writings, soon to be published in English and German editions.

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