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Integration of the Arms Awareness Through Movement® Class


David Zemach-Bersin (1977)


Jul 09, 2011

Conference 2011

2011 Conference ATM Class

Open To: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Cost: Free to Public


This year we will take a unique approach to the selection of morning ATM Lessons and present one ATM in the Hampshire Gym – just like during the Amherst training! Each lesson will be chosen from the training program and is an oldie but goodie, taught by a highly experienced practitioner. And on the final day, Moshe himself will teach us through video from 30 years ago.

Presenter Bio(s)

David Zemach-Bersin (1977) is one of Dr. Feldenkrais’ original American students, and studied with him from 1973-1984 in U.S., Europe and Israel. David is the Director of the New York City and Baltimore Feldenkrais® Training Programs. He is a past President of The Feldenkrais Guild® of North America, co-founder of Feldenkrais Resources and The Feldenkrais Institute of New York.

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Feldenkrais Guild® of North America
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Hampshire College
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