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Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan, PhD. (1996) is the chair of the Esther Thelen, PhD, GCFP Research and Education Fund Subcommittee of FEFNA, Feldenkrais® teacher, certified athletic trainer, physical therapist, and associate professor at Des Moines University in Iowa. From a dynamic systems perspective on development, she uses biomechanical, strength, and observational methods to evaluate motor behavior and the effects of interventions targeting improved movement and awareness.

RE: Feldenkrais® Science Network: The Evolution of Knowing & Learning

Bonnie Rich Humiston

Bonnie Rich Humiston (1977) Bonnie first experienced ATM lessons with Moshe in 1972. She is a trainer, editor of the Amherst Transcripts, and does ATM and FI in the Scripps Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program in Encinitas, CA. She has a private practice in the Hillcrest area of San Diego.

SS1: Eyes Organize the Body

David Kaetz

David Kaetz (2001) is a Feldenkrais® practitioner, musician, storyteller and writer. He is the author of Making Connections, a book about Moshe’s cultural background, and co-translator of Moshe’s childhood writings, soon to be published in English and German editions.

M5: First, Tune the Musician - Radical Listening in Musical Improvisation

Roger Russell

Roger Russell (1977) Although a graduate of San Francisco, Roger attended the first two years of the Amherst training in 1980 and 1981. An American, he lives in Heidelberg, Germany where he is Educational Director, with his partner, Ulla Schläfke, of the Feldenkrais® Zentrum Heidelberg. Since he met Moshe he has been interested in understanding the scientific knowledge behind the Method.

RE: Feldenkrais® Science Network: The Evolution of Knowing & Learning

Jim Stephens

Jim Stephens PT, PhD. (1987) is chair of the FEFNA Research Committee. He has taught movement sciences at Widener, Drexel, and Temple Universities and is currently working with elderly individuals in the LIFE program at the University of Pennsylvania. He also maintains a private practice in the Feldenkrais Method®.

RE: Feldenkrais® Science Network: The Evolution of Knowing & Learning