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2012 Conference Events Practitioners/Trainees

Work Exchange Positions

We depend on a committed and capable group of Work Exchange participants to support a satisfying Conference experience for everyone who attends. We greatly appreciate the involvement of the members of our Work Exchange team.

Prior Work Exchange participants have said they enjoyed serving the community in this capacity. The work is not difficult to do, but it is crucial to the Conference running smoothly. There are many ways to serve, and we ask that you take on duties that you can be happy with so that you follow through on the tasks you agree to do.

Below you will find more information about the Work Exchange program as well as a description of the different ways in which you might be asked to help.

Assisting at Symposium and Keynote

  • Greeting and checking in attendees.
  • Remain at the door throughout the Symposium or Keynote.
  • Acting as prompter/timekeeper to keep presenters on track.
  • Handle roving microphone during Q & A.

Hosting Morning ATM Classes

  • Greet public at morning Awareness Through Movement classes, making them feel welcome.
  • Provide help in giving directions, distributing mats, and settling in.
  • Distribute promotional materials, answer questions about the Method, and encourage people to visit the bookstore.
  • Have public attendees sign release forms.
  • Show up by 7:45 am for ATM classes beginning at 8:15 am.

Assisting at Workshops

  • Take attendance at workshops, double-check head counts, and turn in attendance sheets.
  • Turn away people without name tags and refer them to the registration desk.
  • Distribute and collect evaluation forms and return to on-site Conference office.
  • Make announcements, assist presenter if needed, and communicate with volunteer coordinator regarding special needs and concerns.
  • Assist with recording equipment.
  • Show up 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the morning and afternoon workshop sessions.
  • Be on call during the workshops.

Assisting Registration/Concierge Desk

  • Assist with assembling conference packets prior to Conference.
  • Distribute packets and name tags
  • Assist with keeping materials stocked at information tables.
  • Answer questions, help lost and confused attendees.
  • Be available during scheduled concierge desk hours, often during meals and ATM classes.

Assisting with Equipment

  • Work with Equipment Coordinator to check in/tag loaned equipment.
  • Move equipment between workshops.
  • Collect equipment at end of Conference and organize for pickup.
  • Arrive during the day on Friday, August 31, and stay for at least 2 hours following the last workshop on Wednesday, September 5.

Technical Assistance

  • Provide technical assistance for Symposium and Workshop presenters connecting to A/V equipment.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues with presenters’ personal computer and A/V equipment and software.


  • Running errands, making copies, changing signage.
  • Tallying evaluations.
  • Set up white boards and easels.
  • Help set up and break down bookstore.
  • Help set up and clean up after party.
  • Mostly working before or after workshop hours.
  • Setting up and breaking down bookstore.

Work Exchange is open only to FGNA members who attend the entire 5 days of Conference. (Attending the Symposium is optional, but strongly encouraged.)  The total time commitment for work exchange is about 10 - 12 hours over the course of the Conference. Some pre- or post-conference jobs may take several hours on a single day. In addition:

  • All Symposium Work Exchange participants will be required to attend an organizational meeting before the Symposium from 7:30 am to 8:30 am on Thursday, August 30.
  • All Conference Work Exchange participants will be required to attend an organizational meeting before the Conference on Saturday, September 1, from 7:00 to 8:00 am.
  • There will be short check-in meetings each day during the Conference.

The duties assigned to you will be based on the interests, skills, and availability indicated in your application. We make every effort to give Work Exchange participants their workshop preferences, but it may be necessary to assign you to a room other than your first choice on one or more of the days you are scheduled to work.

Applying for Work Exchange

Member Work Exchange participants receive a 25% discount on the Symposium and Conference. Trainee members receive a 50% discount. A limited number of positions are available. To apply for a position, download and complete the online work exchange application form.  Submit it to Suzane Van Amburgh, Work Exchange Coordinator, at by April 25, 2012. You will need to receive a discount code prior to registering for Conference, so be sure to apply as soon as you can.

Registration for the Symposium and Conference will open in late April 2012.  You need to be confirmed as a Work Exchange participant before you register. Upon confirmation, you will receive a discount code to use in registration.