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SYM2: What’s Special About Human Brains?


Georg Striedter, PhD


Aug 29, 2012

Conference 2012

2012 Conference Workshop

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Cost: 2-Day Symposium registration is $300, which includes all symposium lectures, lunch each day, and evening events/keynote.


Feldenkrais® lessons take advantage of the uniqueness of the human nervous system. What makes human brains special? Prof. Striedter will show how the functional anatomy of our brain evolved over a span of more than 500 million years. He will draw a picture of vertebrate brain evolution, covering diverse taxa ranging from fishes, over birds, to humans and their relatives. We will see how newly evolved systems built on what was already there. With this understanding we gain insight into how the prefrontal areas in human brains enable humans to change learned habits and discover unconventional ways of moving and acting. This is the ground for the exceptional learning capacities of humans, which Feldenkrais lessons utilize.

Presenter Bio(s)

Georg Striedter, PhD, is a Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of California, Irvine. His research has always focused on how and why brains have changed in evolutionary time. In the last few years he has focused specifically on the developmental mechanisms underlying evolutionary changes in brain size. In 1998, Dr. Striedter received the C. J. Herrick Award for his contributions to comparative neuroanatomy; in 2005, he published a widely acclaimed book entitled Principles of Brain Evolution; and in 2009 he received a Guggenheim Fellowship. Dr. Striedter is also the editor-in-chief of the journal Brain, Behavior and Evolution.

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