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Carl Ginsburg, PhD (1977)
Carl Ginsburg, PhD (1977)


Sep 01, 2012

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2012 Conference Workshop

Open To: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Cost: $135 for this workshop only or $475 for 5-Day Package rate


Symposium presenter Alva Noë says, “To understand ourselves we need to look to the way brain, body and world make consciousness happen.” We open to this insight through experiencing movement as a key to life and awareness. In the Feldenkrais Method® the inner and outer are coupled which makes life possibilities expand through development. We experience new ways of being in the world. Without movement there is no organized body and brain, no interaction and no coherence within our being. In this workshop we will explore some of these themes through experiential processes which can reveal how movement creates multi-model perception and complex development and learning. In many ways the work of Moshe Feldenkrais that we practice corroborates the philosophical and scientific work of Professor Noë, as his work can expand our understanding of what we do. 

This workshop is intended for a professional audience. Professionals are individuals trained in disciplines relating to human development (such as teachers or other educators, psychologists and psychotherapists), in performance (including sports and the arts), and health care. Professionals include practitioners, researchers and administrators in these fields.

Presenter Bio(s)

Carl Ginsburg, PhD (1977) intuited very early in his studies that Moshe Feldenkrais understood learning and the mind-body complex in more depth than any other teaching he had explored in his life. Carl has been writing about the Method since he began studying with Moshe, and today also directs professional training groups. Co-author with Lucia Schuette-Ginsburg, Dipl. Ped., of The Intelligence of Moving Bodies: A Somatic View of Life and its Consequences.

Lucia Schuette-Ginsburg (1990) graduated from Mia Segal’s second Feldenkrais® Training in Holland. She is a trainer. Lucia has worked in special education and is fascinated with the amazing capabilities of children, and adults, to learn in their natural environment. She offers trainings worldwide and practices in Frankfurt, Germany. Co-author with Carl Ginsburg, PhD, GCFT, of The Intelligence of Moving Bodies: A Somatic View of Life and its Consequences.

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