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T1: Getting Precise with our Complex Brains


Dav Clark (2008)
Dwight Pargee, MS (1996)


Sep 03, 2012

Conference 2012

2012 Conference Workshop

Open To: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Cost: $135 for this workshop only or $475 for 5-Day Package rate


In his Symposium lecture Professor Striedter will discuss how nested systems in the brain, that evolved over millions of years, cooperate to direct our actions. Learning can occur in all of these! How can we navigate this complexity as Feldenkrais® teachers? While our understanding of the brain has improved since Moshe’s time, he provides answers to this question. In Awareness Through Movement® lessons and partner work, we’ll explore how functional thinking can allow us to target specific forms of learning. We will explore evolutionarily older automatic systems for balance and how our more nuanced and flexible capacities to sense and respond influence how those automatic systems function. 

This workshop is intended for a professional audience. Professionals are individuals trained in disciplines relating to human development (such as teachers or other educators, psychologists and psychotherapists), in performance (including sports and the arts), and health care. Professionals include practitioners, researchers and administrators in these fields.

Presenter Bio(s)

Dav Clark, MS, PhD cand. (2008) is a doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley, studying sensori-motor learning and conceptual change. He simultaneously maintains a small Feldenkrais® practice. His primary interest is connecting psychological science with the Feldenkrais Method® while keeping things fun with his background in dance and the circus arts.

Dwight Pargee, MS (1996) Has studied the movement sciences and martial arts for the last 28 years and holds degrees in exercise science and kinesiology. Dwight is an Assistant Trainer and enjoys mountain biking and fly-fishing his way through the Cascades with his dog Lulu; and cooking whimsical meals.

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