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2012 Conference Events Public

Preview of Conference Workshops for the Public

Conference Workshops and Events

All workshops are one day (10:00 am to 5:00 pm), except for those on Monday, September 3 (see the Monday schedule below).

All workshops listed below are open to the public. The intended audience for each workshop is listed in parentheses. Professionals are individuals trained in disciplines relating to human development (such as teachers or other educators, psychologists and psychotherapists), in performance (including sports and the arts), and health care. Professionals include practitioners, researchers and administrators in these fields. 

Registration for the Conference and Symposium will open in late April, 2012.

Saturday, September 1

Sheryl Field - A View from the Beginning (professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Lawrence Goldfarb – Fostering Fluency (professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Michael Krugman - Too Strange to be Believed: The Foundations of Reversibility (public, professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Sunday, September 2

Karol Connors - Thinking and Sensing: Motor Learning Theories and the Feldenkrais Method®(professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Susan Dillon and Beth Rubenstein - Maintaining Mobility: the Feldenkrais Method® and Multiple Sclerosis (public, professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Carl and Lucia Schuette Ginsburg - The Intelligence of Moving Bodies (professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Cliff Smyth - Updating the Self-Image (professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Sonja H. Sutherland  - Deepening our Somatic Dialogue: Shaping Actions into Behavior (public, professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Frank Wildman - Neuroplasticity: What Have You Done for Me Lately? (professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Monday, September 3

Morning (10:00 am to 1:00 pm)

Pat Buchanan & Jim Stephens - Research Mentoring (public, professionals, trainees and practitioners)

Stephen Rosenholtz -  Continual Improvement (public)


Free time to explore the San Francisco Bay Area

Tuesday, September 4

Dwight Pargee and Dav Clark – Getting Precise With Our Complex Brains (professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Wednesday, September 5

Susan Hillier – The Dynamics of Body Image (public, professionals, trainees, practitioners)

Arlyn Zones – Attention, Breath, Sensation…The Tools of Our Trade (professionals, trainees, practitioners)