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Keynote Address: Forming an Embodied Life: Voluntary Morphogenesis and Personal Evolution


Stanley Keleman


Aug 28, 2013

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This is a rare opportunity to experience firsthand one of the original thinkers and pioneers in the field of Somatics. Keleman’s Formative Psychology® relates to, complements, and informs the Feldenkrais Method®. Keleman’s formative approach addresses how we shape our actions and create meaning. It elucidates the innate organizing process of the body and how we can participate in our inherited and habituated somatic emotional patterns to influence and grow new behaviors. The ability to form different motor emotional attitudes to meet life challenges becomes the basis of self-empowerment and a way to meet the future with optimism and hope. In an interactive presentation, Stanley Keleman will share his original work, conceptually and practically, and illustrate the formative approach as a way to create a future that has personal meaning and satisfaction.

“Our anatomical structure is our embodiment in the world. When we influence our body shape, we influence how we are present in the world.”
-Stanley Kelleman

Presenter Bio(s)

Stanley Keleman, a pioneer in the field of Somatic Psychology for over forty years and founder of Formative Psychology®, is at the leading edge of the understanding of human development and potential. He is the recipient of several lifetime achievement awards for his influential contributions to the fields of humanistic psychology and body psychotherapy. Keleman’s ongoing commitment to understanding the life of the body keeps him abreast of the changes in modern biology, neurobiology and molecular dynamics. His pioneering efforts continue to take him into the forefront of learning how the body shapes itself over time, through all of life’s stages. He is the author of numerous books including Emotional Anatomy, Embodying Experience and The Body Speaks Its Mind. Read more about Keleman:

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