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Edward “Ned” Dwelle

Edward (Ned) Dwelle (1977) began studying with Moshe Feldenkrais in 1972. After graduating from the San Francisco Training Program, Ned continued his studies with Moshe, became an Assistant Trainer in 1983, a Trainer in 1997, and has directed Feldenkrais® Professional Training Programs in Europe, New Zealand and USA.

TF1: A Vision For Your Practice: Seeing with the Whole Self

Julie Francis

Julie Francis (1994) is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm and Assistant Trainer. She came to the work while searching for a way to help her disabled daughter unlock her potential.  Julie is particularly interested in the role of breathing in releasing emotional trauma, physical pain and muscle spasticity.

S7: Breath and Inspiration--CANCELED

Alice Friedman

Alice Friedman, MA, R. Psych. (1987) is a Practitioner, Assistant Trainer, and Registered Psychologist with a background as dancer. She is organizer of the Victoria Feldenkrais® Teacher Training Programs. Alice has taught Somatic Experiencing® trauma recovery work. She lives and practices on Salt Spring Island and in Victoria, BC.

SU1: Rolling for the Playfully Serious and Seriously Playful

Jeff Haller

Jeff Haller, PhD (1983) has been a Trainer since 1993. His PhD is in Transpersonal Psychology. He has an extensive background in athletics and martial arts. His forté as a trainer is to develop his students’ self-organization, awareness, and confidence to work based on their own internal capacities.

Series 2: The Eyes Have It (ATM®)

Nancy Haller

Nancy Haller (1997), has been living with a brain injury, walking through brain fog, experiencing being totally brain tired while caring for extended family members and ancient cat with age appropriate brain issues. She brings humanness and humor to this difficult issue in her new book based on the teachings of Dr. Feldenkrais.

Meet Nancy during her book signing:

S2: I Don’t Know How Long My Short Term Memory Is

Stanley Keleman

Stanley Keleman, a pioneer in the field of Somatic Psychology for over forty years and founder of Formative Psychology®, is at the leading edge of the understanding of human development and potential. He is the recipient of several lifetime achievement awards for his influential contributions to the fields of humanistic psychology and body psychotherapy. Keleman’s ongoing commitment to understanding the life of the body keeps him abreast of the changes in modern biology, neurobiology and molecular dynamics. His pioneering efforts continue to take him into the forefront of learning how the body shapes itself over time, through all of life’s stages. He is the author of numerous books including Emotional Anatomy, Embodying Experience and The Body Speaks Its Mind. Read more about Keleman:

Keynote Address: Forming an Embodied Life: Voluntary Morphogenesis and Personal Evolution

Bridget Palmer

Bridget Palmer (2007) loves challenging herself to do things that catapult her towards her highest potential. She also loves teaching others how to develop their personal power. The process is often scary, but the results are very satisfying. Besides providing Feldenkrais® lessons, she directs children’s theater and performs comedy improvisation.

Series 3: Potent Voice, Potent Self (ATM®)

Paul Rubin

Paul Rubin (1977) has practiced in a wide range of settings with built-in requirement for results. From working with referrals from medical, sport trainers’, and psychologists to teaching in hospitals, to consulting to the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, giving “true” Feldenkrais® lessons that make a difference has been his focus.

M01: The Feldenkrais Method® is for living. What can we do for You?

Gwendolyn Schwinke

Gwendolyn Schwinke (1997) teaches Acting at Coastal Carolina University, and has taught at Shakespeare and Company, CAP-21, and The Guthrie Theater. She has taught the Feldenkrais Method® in universities, professional theatres, and continuing education programs in the US and Czech Republic. She is a professional actor (AEA), director and Designated Linklater Teacher.

S3: Behind the Mask

Sonja Sutherland

Sonja H. Sutherland, MA (1997) is a Feldenkrais® practitioner with over 12 years of ongoing studies in Formative Psychology®. She maintains a private practice in Berkeley and teaches workshops and retreats in the US and Europe. Sonja holds a black belt in Aikido and a Masters in Dance.

Series 1: Experience How Stanley Keleman’s Formative Perspective Relates to the Feldenkrais Method®

Annie Thoe

Annie Thoe (1996) Assistant Trainer, has been integrating her naturalist, tracking and survival studies with the Feldenkrais Method® for decades. She also has an extensive background in healing modalities, martial arts and currently teaches Sensing Vitality Classes for elders, Awareness Through Movement® classes and retreats on Whidbey Island, WA.

SU2: Learning from Nature: Reaching Toward the Source of Creativity

Richard Urrutia

Virginia J. Yao

Virginia J. Yao, PhD (2008) taught human gross anatomy at UCSF and is a Scientific Consultant. Virginia teaches in private practice and at Healthwell Physical Therapy in San Francisco. She works with students to optimize their movement efficiency in sports, as well as with students who have chronic or acute pain.

Series 5: Individual Awareness Through Movement® Lesson--Discovering Simplicity within Complexity