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Welcome to International Feldenkrais® Week — May 2 to May 11, 2014

Would you like to feel, move, and look better?

The Feldenkrais Method® might be the answer for you! The Feldenkrais Method is a mental and physical improvement system based on discovering natural, easy, efficient and pleasurable ways of moving your mind and body. It is an advanced educational approach to well-being using your brain’s amazing capacity to reorganize itself. It is based on the premise that all human beings have the potential to learn to do everything they do in easier, less effortful and more satisfying ways than is their habit.

The particular way a person is “organized” to sit, stand, walk, run or speak in public, etc., reflects that person’s inner state, or their self-image. Human beings have a tendency to acquire subtle and sometimes damaging physical and mental habits of functioning which can become deeply ingrained. Some habits are useful – many are not. The Feldenkrais Method can facilitate change by creating the awareness you need to alter those habits which don’t serve you well. Here is a wonderful opportunity to learn what a Feldenkrais® class is all about.

Why do we celebrate International Feldenkrais® Week?

Watch this wonderful (and short) video by Buffy Owens, GCFP, to find out:

“To make the impossible, possible; the possible, easy; and the easy, elegant.”

- Moshe Feldenkrais


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Feldenkrais® Open House
Open to: Public / Practitioners


Sheri Cohen (2000)
Helen Pelton (2012)


May 09, 2013
Friday —5:00PM-7:00PM


Eastlake Feldenkrais®
2366 Eastlake Ave E, Suite 309
Seattle    WA  98102

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Feldenkrais Method® Open House

Contact Information

Sheri Cohen or Helen Pelton
206.914.4161 or 206.297.7862
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Open House: Please join us in celebrating our new office. Everyone welcome!

Sign up for complimentary private Feldenkrais® lessons, learn more about how the Feldenkrais Method® can help you and the people you know, enjoy refreshments and meet two new practitioners in the neighborhood.