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Carriage of the Head
Open to: Practitioners / Trainees


Jeff Haller, PhD (1983) See all events


Oct 12, 2012 – Oct 17, 2012


Dumas Bay Centre
3200 SW Dash Point Road
Federal Way    WA  98023

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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Jeff Haller, Inside Moves LLC
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Carriage of the Head

Often we finish a Functional Integration® lesson helping a person with the “carriage of their head.” It is high art to help a person with how their head rests and functions on their spine. To master this art requires you to integrate four fundamental aspects into your practice when giving lessons. These are foundational knowledge, your own self-organization, your ability to assess what a person wants, needs and can accept, and your ability to execute a lesson plan that will involve your student learning how to improve the carriage of their head.

Through Awareness Through Movement®, lecture/demonstrations, and hands on practice we will work in depth to refine your ability to give Functional Integration lessons that improve how our clients support their head. Our studies will include:

• Assessing how a person organizes their head in action.
• The role our feet and skeleton play in support of the head.
• Preparation of the torso and spine for support of the head.
• Work with our own self-organization for lifting and supporting the head.
• Lifting the head.
• Holding the head and refining the movements of the head with the neck and torso.
• Organizing the eyes with the movements of the head.

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