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MOVING to Expand Your Brain Power: New insights into the Feldenkrais Method®
Open to: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


T. Meriah Kruse (1999) See all events


Oct 19, 2012
Saturday —10:00AM- 1:00PM
$55 - $95 self-selecting sliding scale. Spread the word: Bring a friend for $35


Unitarian Universalist Church Great Hall
3564 Clays Mill Rd.
Lexington    KY  40503

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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Meriah Kruse


Pre-registration required by October 15

This playful experiential occasion explores the juncture of the Feldenkrais Method® and the new science of Brain Plasticity through a stimulating multi-media conversation and guided Awareness Through Movement® lessons.  We will share insights from the 2012 Feldenkrais Method Annual Conference, “Embodying Neuroscience,” at this event.  Pre-registration is required.

What to expect?

*Experience relaxing, pleasant movement explorations that stimulate healthy brain activity while improving both your mobility, posture and self-awareness.

*Hear about the research that establishes why trying new things in new ways is an absolute requirement for keeping your brain in tip-top shape.

*Discover some of your personal habits of moving and thinking and how you can use this awareness as a springboard to a more flexible brain and a more flexible life approach.

*Receive take-home strategies and resources to help develop your personal brain power.

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