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Your Own Handwriting: Skills and Finesse in FI® and ATM®
Open to: Practitioners / Trainees


Jeremy Krauss


Nov 13, 2013 – Nov 16, 2013
$445 before Oct 25, $495 after Oct 25. Please see attached Flier for more info.


Ramada Plaza
3333 28th St SE
Grand Rapids    MI  49512

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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Kristin Dart, GCFP, MSPT|Karel Millard, GCFP
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An Advanced Training in Creativity and Specificity with Jeremy Krauss

Jeremy is an Amherst graduate and worked closely with Dr. Feldenkrais in the last years of his life in Israel. Jeremy was given charge of the Feldenkrais® Institute in Tel Aviv after Moshe’s passing and later translated volumes 6 - 11 of the Alexander Yanai materials. He has headed more than 17 Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs throughout the world. He is coming to us from his home near Munich, Germany to share with us his wealth of knowledge.

About the training:
“Moshe told us in Amherst that when we had really learned the Method we would not be copying anyone. He said we would develop our own ‘Handwriting’ in the work. This would be as unique to us as our own signature. As our skill developed, we would be clearer and clearer. Until that time we would copy others. In my own work I have found this to be true as with much of the other wisdom Moshe left us. In this Advanced Training I will share with you my process to discovering my Handwriting and skill and also guide you in ways in which you can wake up and open up to fully developing your own. This is a creative process where skill and finesse develop creatively and emerge. In this Advanced Training we will work in Both FI and ATM daily and use both in the exploration of the topic. The ATMs I will teach will be my own.”-Jeremy Krauss

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