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Essential Esalen: Sharing Moshe's Legacy
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David Zemach-Bersin (1977) See all events


May 09, 2014 – May 11, 2014
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Three Arts Club of Homeland
Baltimore    MD  21210

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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Please join me for a three-day Advanced Training to delve into the riches of the 1972 Esalen Workshop; which, in my opinion, is some of Dr. Feldenkrais’ most important teaching. I have been studying the recordings and notes of this workshop for forty years and feel that it offers a clear cut path to understanding the most fundamental ideas underlying our work. As a young Practitioner, the Esalen Workshop was my holy grail for learning the secrets that Dr. Feldenkrais understood about how the nervous system works, as well as the basic structures of human movement. In addition, the Esalen Workshop material was my primary generative source for Functional Integration® lessons, and informed my thinking to this day on Awareness Through Movement® lessons.

Feldenkrais was invited to the Esalen Institute to present his work to small group of leaders in the nascent field of somatic psychology. Over a period of four weeks, he taught both Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration lessons and transmitted his work with a singular clarity. In this special advanced training we will explore some of the gems in the Esalen material, and encounter what is most essential about the Feldenkrais Method.

Dates and Times:
Dates & Times:
Friday, May 9, 3-8pm
Saturday, May 10, 10-5pm
Sunday, May 11, 9-3pm

Early Bird Tuition through Monday April 21, 2014: $325
Regular Tuition: $380
20% discount for 3rd and 4th Year FPTP Trainees
10% discount for those traveling more than 100 miles to Baltimore, Maryland
20% discount for those traveling from Canada, Mexico, and Europe

(YEAR) indicates the graduation year of the Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM.
(ATM Only) indicates an Authorized Student Awareness Through Movement® Teacher.