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Movement Intelligence Solutions for Optimal Mobility
Open to: Practitioners / Trainees


Ruthy Alon


Nov 12, 2014 – Nov 15, 2014
Regular Tuition: $650 Early-Bird Tuition: $575 by Oct 13. Member and FPTP Trainees Receive 20% off. Some travel discounts available.


The Feldenkrais Institute of New York
134 W 26th St, 2nd Floor
New York    NY  10001

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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The Feldenkrais Institute of New York
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We are delighted to welcome Senior Feldenkrais® Trainer Ruthy Alon back to the Feldenkrais Institute to share Part One of her new workshop series, Movement Intelligence Solutions for Optimal Mobility. This workshop is open to both Feldenkrais Practitioners and the public.

Movement Intelligence Solutions for Optimal Mobility guides participants in a wide range of innovative neuro-motor processes designed to address movement problems such as lower back compression, upper back rigidity, hip joint alignment, stiff ankles and knees, deformed feet and toes, stiff or frozen shoulders, stiff neck, weak wrists, vulnerable balance, and asymmetry.

To each of these problems, Ruthy Alon will apply the Feldenkrais Method®’s integrative approach to functioning; exploring the reciprocal relationship between the area of suffering and its network of roots throughout the entire body. The result will be a restoration of harmonious cooperation, so that the body is able to work as nature intended.

Ruthy Alon’s Movement Intelligence exercises will empower participants to awaken their own, self-correcting intelligence, so that their organism is able to overcome its own functional failures with better options for efficient, coordinated action.

Who is this program intended for?

This Movement Intelligence Solutions workshop is open to both health-professionals and the public.

Anyone with a personal interest in learning how to address problems that limit their freedom of movement

Graduates of other Movement Intelligence programs and Feldenkrais Teachers who wish to deepen their level of comprehension and enrich their teaching tool-kit with practical self-care solutions and sophisticated strategies for helping others to move with ease.

The Movement Intelligence Solutions Professional Track: A Three Part Program

For those who are interested, this workshop will qualify as part one of Ruthy Alon’s three-part professional training program. Upon completion of Part 1 (consisting of 24+ hours of study), participants will receive a letter of attendance. Upon completion of Movement Intelligence Solutions Part 2 and 3 (consisting of a total of 72 hours of study), and Didactic (24 hours) experiences, participants will receive a Movement Intelligence Solutions Mentoring Certificate.

Participants who are not graduates of previous programs with Ruthy Alon are required to attend an additional 20 hours of any Bones for Life, Chairs for Life or Walk for Life program. All graduates, at all levels, are encouraged to practice teaching others as part of their training to become Movement Intelligence Solutions Mentors.

For more information or to register: Call (212) 727-1014 or visit

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