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Richard Corbeil(1991)

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Movement into Sound, Sound into Movement
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Jul 15, 2013 – Jul 19, 2013
$495 for 4 days or $150 per day. Early Bird $445 if paid before June 15th


Saint Edward Park Dining Hall
14445 Juanita Dr NE
Kenmore    WA  98028

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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Angel Di Benedetto
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Vocal Ease® presents a 4-DAY SEMINAR:
“Movement into Sound, Sound into Movement”

Human beings are born with a gift; a voice! It is an amazingly sophisticated instrument for self-expression, art and communication. It is unique since unlike a piano or a guitar, it’s built in as a part of you. It grows as you grow. It even contributes greatly to your development.

Unfortunately, your voice doesn’t necessarily keep up as you mature and is often overlooked. Consequently, the voice you have now may not be your authentic voice, and you may be far from reaching it’s full potential.

Everyone uses their voice to express themselves, and the quality of your voice can impact yourself and others in extraordinary ways, whether you like to sing, use your voice as a tool for work, in social meetings or just around the house.

How would you go about improving all the things that you do with your voice? Singing lessons? It might help, but that would be mostly about singing, right?

There’s a specific kind of development that needs to happen for your voice to be complete, healthy and fit, and you may not find it with traditional singing lessons.

Here’s an interesting idea: what if we went back to the sounds and movements that we used as infants and use them to learn how to better play our vocal instrument?

What if we used the sounds and movements that predates speaking and singing to further the maturation of our vocal abilities?

This line of inquiries brought Richard Corbeil and Robert Sussuma to create this learning process called VocalEase®.

Both Richard and Robert discovered that by using this process, your talent for using your voice is greater for whatever you apply your talent to; speaking, singing, recovering from a vocal injury, overcoming a difficulty or a limitation, self esteem… it opens the door to all sorts of discoveries.

The seminar, “Movement into Sound, Sound into Movement” combines two main approaches in the design of the lessons: The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education and Estill Voice Training.

Registration only, no drop ins please.