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Tiffany Sankary(2006)

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Exploring Standing & Walking
Open to: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


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Jan 09, 2013 – Mar 28, 2013
Thursdays —7:30PM- 8:30PM
10 week series: $170. $20 drop-in.


Private Residence
Somerville    MA  02144

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Awareness Through Movement® Class

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in lying, in sitting, in standing, in shifting,in sensing

-refining use of the feet, ankles and knees
-aligning & transmitting force through the skeleton
-clarifying contralateral movement patterns
-propulsion through space
-distributing movement along the spine
-power in anti-gravity muscles
-awakening the pelvic floor
-and more!

“The ideal standing posture is obtained not by doing something to oneself, but by literally doing nothing, that is, by eliminating all acts of voluntary origin due to motivations other than standing…”

“A tree that has grown upright will bend its top in whatever direction the wind is blowing. In the same way, good upright posture is that from which a minimum muscular effort will move the body with equal ease in any desired direction.” -Moshe Feldenkrais

**Private residence, request info if interested in attending. SPACE LIMITED, so reserve your place ahead of time.

NOTE: no class Feb 7 & Feb 21