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Anastasi Siotas(1997)

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Anatomy in Action
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Dec 05, 2013 – Dec 08, 2013
Friday: 2:00PM-8:00PM/Saturday & Sunday: 10:00AM-5:00PM
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Hampton Inn & Suites Reagan National Airport, Crystal City, Virginia
2000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington    VA  22202

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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Anatomy Workshops for Feldenkrais® Practitioners with Anastasi

Knowledge of human structure and function was an essential starting place for Moshe Feldenkrais in his work with himself to recover from his knee injuries. Expanding on this knowledge, through hands-on practice with many individuals, led to him to develop what is now called “Functional Integration®” (FI®). Moshe’s genius reached a pinnacle of expression when he began to apply his accumulated understanding from theory and FI practice to create his unique group movement classes. In over a thousand Awareness Through Movement® lessons he left us an accurate blueprint for optimizing human function and a methodology for re-awakening our capacity to learn to help ourselves.

As Feldenkrais® Practitioners we work with the whole person, not just body parts or areas of diagnosed dysfunction. It is therefore useful to have some understanding and image of what an ideal body organization has the potential to do. Feldenkrais used this imagined ideal as a ‘mental auxiliary’ to initiate the direction of his investigation with each new individual. In his book, The Elusive Obvious, Moshe states (pg. 101), “Without my ideal image I am at a loss to know what to look for; each function grades itself when compared with an idealized function …… Man’s ideal posture is one feature that I have considered most over the years so that I have arrived at a precise idea —or ideal— reinforced by scientific findings and by long practice.” Clear anatomical knowledge is essential to formulating such ideal images of function and can better inform the way we help our students improve control and efficiency of their movement.

The Anatomy of Action series of workshops is designed to provide participants with a basic functional and kinesthetic understanding of our musculoskeletal system in action. We will examine how the shape and location of our bones affects the transmission of forces generated by our effort through muscle synergies, how joint kinematics and patterns of muscle coordination move us through different orientations, and how positions and constraints in ATM® lessons highlight and refine particular relationships. Each meeting will focus on particular ATM’s that address the topic at hand. We will deconstruct the steps of lessons in terms of arthrokinematics, muscle synergies and constraints, and examine their implications for whole body actions.

Limited space, please register

Please bring a mat, there are several restaurants close by, or bring your lunch and eat outside or in the breakfast area.

Member early bird (by Nov. 1): $240
Member: $270
Both weekends: $500 (by 11/8)

Non member early bird (by Nov. 1): $325
Non Member: $350
Both weekends: $650 (by Nov. 8)
(second weekend is December 6-December 8)