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David Zemach-Bersin(1977)

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Interrupting the Body Pattern of Anxiety & Restoring Neurological Harmony
Open to: Practitioners / Trainees


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May 30, 2013 – Jun 02, 2013
10:30AM -4:30PM
$375 CAD Earlybird before April 30th – $420 CAD After


Wycliffe College, University of Toronto Campus
5 Hoskin Avenue
Toronto    ON  M5S 1H7
[University (Downtown)]

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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Marion Harris, The Feldenkrais® Centre
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Advance Training with David Zemach-Bersin, Interrupting the Body Pattern of Anxiety & Restoring Neurological Harmony with Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement®

We are thrilled to announce that David accepted our invitation to come back to Toronto after a 20 year hiatus, to present this acclaimed advanced workshop for Practitioners!

In Body and Mature Behaviour, Moshe Feldenkrais gives anxiety a central position in his discourse on the human condition, learning and development. He offers a unified theory of anxiety, drawing brilliant parallels between the similarity of our reaction to the fear of falling, the withdrawal of an organism from a strong stimulus, and the body pattern of anxiety.

In this Advanced Training with David Zemach-Bersin, we will look closely at the current understanding of ‘anxiety’ in both neuroscience and physiology, and see how this knowledge can impact on our practice of the Feldenkrais Method®. When combined with this new knowledge, we will see that both Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® are uniquely situated to be very effective tools in the amelioration of anxiety.

In addition, you will learn how Dr. Feldenkrais utilized primitive synergistic muscular relationships to restore the nervous system’s ability to evoke a state of parasympathetic dominance. You will discover how to create a more balanced internal organization, in which breathing becomes slow and full, movement becomes easier and more pleasurable, and acture spontaneously finds a new, healthier equilibrium.

* Open to 4th Year FPTP Trainees

David Zemach-Bersin is one of Dr. Feldenkrais’ original American students. He studied closely with Dr. Feldenkrais from 1973-1984 in the U.S., Europe and during many visits Tel-Aviv, Israel. He is widely recognized for his clarity of teaching, the precision of his FI® work, and his dedication to Dr. Feldenkrais’ core ideas. David is the Director of the New York City and Washington/Baltimore Feldenkrais Training Programs, a graduate of UC Berkeley with extensive post-graduate work in physiological psychology, and co-author with Mark Reese of Relaxercise (HarperCollins) and many Feldenkrais Method® audio programs. He is a past President of the Feldenkrais Guild?, co-founder of Feldenkrais Resources, the publisher of most of Dr. Feldenkrais’ books and materials, and co-founder of The Feldenkrais® Institute of New York.

What Feldenkrais® Teachers Have Said About ‘Interrupting the Body Pattern of Anxiety’

I never met Moshe Feldenkrais. But I did have the honor of meeting and training with you. My life, both personally and professionally, have been deeply touched by your teachings both explicit and implicit… not just what you taught, but most significantly how you taught—how you shared with us your own creative process of discovery with a student. I have always felt grateful for how you taught from your own rich process. Your systematic, thorough yet inclusive approach to learning and teaching is something I cherish and treasure. 
- Sonja Sutherland, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Berkeley, CA

Feldenkrais’ insights and your remarkably effective teaching about the link between postural neuromuscular and autonomic interactions is having a huge effect, both personally and neuroscientifically, so i’m writing with gratitude: your teaching is transformative on every level.Though Moshe Feldenkrais deserves enormous credit, it seems to me that your embodied genius has been a critical influence in the continuing development and propagattion of the Method.  At this stage of my development, your teaching is the Difference that mades a Fundamental Difference.
- Sascha du Lac, Ph.D., Neuroscientist, The Salk Institute and Feldenkrais Practitioner

I really enjoyed the weekend. Your preparation, scope, intentions, as well as teaching, were wonderful and so relevant. I really feel the moving forward aspect of your work. As well, the atmosphere of ease and enjoyment in learning was palpable. Thanks for creating what you are creating. Uplifting, as well as clear and informative…
-Donna Blank, Feldenkrais Trainer

I want to thank you for the magnificent advanced training. The learning for me was so profound and I have been able to bring it into my practice immediately.  Thank you for continually sharing your knowledge and gifts learned from Dr. Feldenkrais.  I am forever in awe of his and your skills and ability to listen and follow the path that awakens in each of us our innate learning.
-Peggi Honig, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Maryland

I really loved your workshop on Interrupting the Body Pattern of Anxiety. It has been a while since I have been touched by such a clear approach to the very core of our work. I especially appreciate your clarity of setting out for us the sympathetic and parasympathertic aspects of being human…. I hope that you appreciate what a richness you offer. Multi thanks!
-Olena Nitefor, Assistant Trainer

David Zemach-Bersin’s workshop, Interrupting the Body Pattern of Anxiety, is clear, concise, and thorough. It inspired me, and immediately enriched my FI® practice.
-Christine Becker, Practitioner

In Interrupting the Body Pattern of Anxiety, David masterfully covers this foundational aspect of our work, including a comprehensive presentation of the physiological and biological underpinnings of emotions. David skillfully demonstrated reliable ways that we can evoke balance and harmony. The workshop exceeded my expectations and has powerfully influenced my work and thinking. 
-Carol Kress, Assistant Trainer

No one understands Functional Integration better than David Zemach-Bersin. David has incredible mastery of both the creative spirit and technique of Functional Integration®.
-Mark Reese, Ph.D.

Thank you for the advanced training. I’ve never been to a course that triggered so much of my already advanced knowledge, and brought it into new perspectives. Watching you treating so many different people, adapting to their individual needs, subtle yet clear, was an eye opener for me!
-Annette Schmid, Feldenkrais Practitioner Switzerland

As always, David’s teaching was crystal clear and beautifully paced. The lessons he chose along with the sensory guidance he gave and questions he asked made this one of the best weekends of Feldenkrais? work I’ve ever done. The cumulative learning and resultant change from the sensory explorations with a teacher as masterful as David was unmatched in my experience.
-Mark Hirschfield, Feldenkrais Practitioner

I want you to know how much of a difference you have made in my life. Twenty-five years ago Moshe told me that I would have a miserable old age if I did not handle my physical problems. I am now 71 and feel in my body like a young person without any significant pain or limitation of function. I know that is because of the work we have done together. I am extremely grateful and think of you every time I am feeling especially good. 
-Robert Shaw, M.D