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Core Coordination
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Amber Adams (2008) See all events


Feb 15, 2013
Saturday —12:00PM


The Balanced Runner at The St Denis
80 East 11th Street, Suite 201 (cnr of Bway & 11th)
New York    NY  10003

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Amber Adams
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We all hear about the importance of core strength, but if you don’t coordinate the muscles of the core properly, your ab workouts may actually cause you problems. Instead of strengthening your muscles in a balanced, appropriate way, you may wind up simply strengthening your bad habits.

Many people believe that core strength means tightening the core muscles all the time—but if these muscles stay chronically contracted, the torso is unable to move freely, which makes the biggest muscles of your body unavailable to use for actual movement. That leaves more work to do for the smaller, more superficial muscles, which often become strained by the extra effort.

When you learn to coordinate the action of these powerful core muscles, you’re able to move with less effort, and be less prone to injury. A well-coordinated Core also allows for better balance and greater fluidity and control in your daily life and/or athletic activities.

In this semi-private workshop, we’ll take a look at the biomechanics of good core coordination, and use gentle movement lessons to help you learn to coordinate your core muscles more optimally. Beyond mere theory, these lessons will help your body overcome its habituated movement and experience the natural ease that comes with moving in a coordinated, integrated way. Walk out the door feeling lighter and more centered than you have in years!

You’ll also learn:
-How your “blind spots” are hurting you (and how to find them)
-3 ways to practice at work, without needing to leave your desk
-why you need to train your nervous system, not your muscles
-Why the same techniques that improve your posture will also cut your stress level in half
-How to use 10% as much effort, and get 200% better results
-Why doing mundane exercises will hurt instead of help

This 3hr semi-private workshop is limited to 4 participants, so you’ll get plenty of personal attention.

The Feldenkrais Method® is gentle enough for those with pain, yet the results are powerful enough to be effective for even highly athletic people.

This workshop is offered on two Saturdays: Jan 26 & Feb 16.