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Change your Age Workshop
Open to: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Frank Wildman, GCFT, PhD (1977) See all events


Oct 11, 2013 – Oct 13, 2013
$250 ($225 if registered by September 27th)


918 SW Yamhill St.
Portland    OR  97205

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Feldenkrais Method® Workshop

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Our movement habits at age 40 & 50 will impact how we feel at age 60, 70 & beyond. When we create new movement habits, we make our bodies and minds younger, stronger, and more flexible. In essence, we create a more intelligent body.

What makes a person old? Some people think it’s wrinkles; others think it’s stodgy attitudes. But really, the culprit is our habits. When we unlearn these habits and create new ones, we make our bodies and minds younger, stronger, and more flexible. In essence, we create a more youthful and intelligent body at any age.

The good news is that we can learn new habits that make our bodies and minds more agile and fit. We may then begin to enjoy the qualities of exploration, ease, variety and joy in our movements, as we did when we were children and, before that, infants. The easy-to-learn movement sequences in this workshop will help you break away from physically limiting habits and steer you toward feelings that you ordinarily would experience at your best — and perhaps your youngest — moments.

Experience a weekend of learning to move more easily and effortlessly - and release your pain. In Dr. Wildman’s groundbreaking Change Your Age program, you will learn a series of simple, but powerful, exercises that will actually train the brain to send the correct signals to the body so it begins to move in healthier, stronger, more coordinated, and even graceful ways. The program is not stressful, and does not involve repetitive routines. It does not place demands on your muscular strength and flexibility. It does not require specialized equipment or clothing.

Presented by:  Dr. Frank Wildman, GCFT.  A renowned author, speaker and educator, Dr. Frank Wildman is recognized as a pioneering advocate for the Feldenkrais Method®  For nearly 40 years, Wildman has been a teacher, practitioner and mentor to countless medical professionals, athletes, fitness experts, musicians, dancers and a host of others who have embraced the proven health benefits of the Feldenkrais Method.  Dr. Wildman has directed over a dozen professional training programs in the United States, Europe and Australia, and has introduced the Feldenkrais Method to organizations as diverse as the Australian Institute for Sport and the American Back Society. His signature programs, “The Evolution of Motion,” “Your Brain as the Core of Strength and Stability,” and “Reconstructing Dance Technique,” distill his lifetime of experience in science, education and clinical practice into brief but powerful courses.