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Matters of the Heart: A Four-Part Workshop
Open to: Public / Practitioners / Trainees


Timothy Sobie, MS, PT (1996) See all events
Timothy Sobie, MS, PT (1996) See all events


Mar 01, 2013
Saturday —1:00PM-4:30PM


Alliant Physical Therapy & Integral Medicine
201 N. I Street
Tacoma    WA  98403

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Alliant Physical Therapy & Integral Medicine
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Part I: Feeling and Following the Heart.  Learn how to diffuse chest tension and defensive armoring with spacious, gentle movement.

Part II: Receiving Loving Presence.  Are you able to accept yourself and those around you with a loving, holistic mindfulness? Learn to be present… as a manner of being.

Part III: Mini Meditations for the Heart.  Experience the Healing Codes of your body to unlock sources of illness and start living a healthier life.  Techniques for 6 minutes of self care.

Part IV: Exploring the Heart-Brain Connection.  Does your mind rule your heart?  Or the other way around?  Discover emotional keys to improve your EKG.