Search Tips

Tips for searching events on the new calendar

The new events calendar has powerful search features!

Here's a videoshowing basic orientation to the search tools and a couple of search examples:

Here are some tips to help you find events by:

a) typing in a U.S. zip code or city name and then defining the search range (in miles radius).
b) country
c) practitioner name or other keyword
d) category of event (eg. study group or Feldenkrais Professional Training Program)
e) quick links for popular search parameters

1. Basic search and "advanced search" functions:

From the calendar home page, find the greay search tool box:

From this box you can search using common parameters (such as date range and location).

You can search by category. Click the arrows to reveal the drop-down menu:

Click "advanced Search" to search by more parameters such as keyword or what audience the event is open to. In the example below, parameters are set to find ATM® classes in the Portland Oregon area (within a range of 50 miles) that are open to the public and specifically mention the "shoulder" as part of the event summary. You could also search for a particular practitioner by typing in their name into the keyword box:

2. Quick links to common searches are found at the top of the calendar.
  • Looking for advanced trainings? Click the quick link at the top of the calendar to filter all listings for "Practitioner/Trainee Events."
  • Check on the location of that ATM® class happening this week (in U.S. or Canada).
  • The quick link named "Public Workshops" displays a list of just the workshops open to the public (filters out the ongoing ATM classes).