How To Create an Event

Submit Events/ How to Create Events on Active Calendar

Guild members (Professional and Trainee Full), please follow these important guidelines to create events for the calendar. 

On this page:

Get started by registering for a new account to use Active Calendar. This requires a separate login from your "member login." Enter your information into the "get started" form on the right hand side of the screen:

Sign In: Once you're registered, return to this page and "Sign In" to manage your events.

At the top of the next screen find "Create an event" and click it! You'll open to a form where you can add all the details of your event. Be sure to save changes frequently while you are working, using the blue Save button at bottom of screen.

Step by step instructions follow. Please read carefully, so that your event will appear correctly.

1.     Name of Event: For all classes and workshops, please include the presenter name. For ATM® classes, we suggest the following format: Awareness Through Movement® Class taught by Jane Doe.
2.     Summary: Short description of your event, appears in the default view.
3.     Add a full description: Checking this box allows you to create a longer description, and to add text formatting.
4.     When is the event? 
·       Select date, begin and end time (including AM/PM)
·       For weekly classes, enter beginning and ending time and date for the first class, not the whole series. Select “This event repeats”, and select recurrence schedule “One or more days each week”, and select the day of the week. When the event is saved, a list of all dates and times is created.
5.     Time Zone: Select Time Zone
6.     URL: Please do not change! This is how the system finds your event.
 7.     Presenter: Presenter Name
8.     Open To: If your event is open to more than one audience (eg. public, practitioners and trainees), you can hold down the command key and click more than one selection (hold down the control key if you are a PC user)
9.   Save your work

10. Event Options: Scroll up to the orange bar at the top of the screen. Check the accuracy of your information under each of the "Event Options":

·       Categories: Select the category for your event
·       Location: Locations are organized by country-state or province-city-specific location. All locations for 2014 events are included in the list.

·       For events in the U.S., you only need to check the box next to the most specific location name.  For example if you see your venue location, check it, but don't check the country, state or city name. Using radius search, the public will still be able to find your event, if they search by country, state or city.

·       For events in Canada, we recommend that you check the country, province and city, as well as the specific location for your event. The public will need to use a drop-down menu to find your event, and this will ensure that your event will appear, if they search by country, province or city.

·       If your location is not listed, don't select any check box. Instead, request that your location be add to the list.  Make your request by writing to staff in the  “Member Note to Event Admin” section at the bottom of the Create and Event screen. Please include venue name and complete street address, city, state or province, and postal code.
·       Contact: Includes contact name, phone, email
·       Images: You may upload up to 5 images per event. If the bottom of your image is cut off, you may need to re-size it. The system resets image size for the main page to 170 by 106.25 pixels.
·       Attachments: You may upload up to 5 attachments per event.
11. When you are done, click the orange Submit button at bottom of screen.

FGNA staff will be notified and will review your event information. We are here to help! We want to make sure member events display well and show up in search results. If everything looks good, we'll approve the listing and your event will be live!
Manage your Events:
In the future, to manage your events, go to, sign in and then click My Profile.

Events Dashboard
From the "My Profile page," click "Events" in the blue navigation bar to see your Events Dashboard. Here you can view the status of your "pending events" and published events. "Calendar Home" allows you to see the front end of the calendar anytime.

Video Tutorial
This video below takes you through the steps of creating an ATM® series on the calendar.
To view the video in a larger format watch it on the FGNA Vimeo iste. You can click the Icon to view in "full screen" mode. Go to: