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2009 Feldekrais Method® Annual Conference

August 1-6, 2009 Forest Grove, Oregon

We have invited some of the top teachers in their fields to present workshops that bridge between the Feldenkrais Method and other modalities in order to share with you this incredible body of work, which has been a well-kept secret to much of the world. Finding out about the Feldenkrais Method will change the way you move and think in the world. Reconnect with your natural ability to move, think and feel!
Located 23 miles west of Portland and 45 miles from the Oregon Coast, at the base of Tillamook State Forest and the Pacific Coast Range, Pacific University of Oregon sits in the heart of Oregon’s countryside, near some of the finest wineries in the state. Set amidst towering firs and lush rolling hills, Pacific University offers the perfect chance to “get away from it all”.
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