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Bridging Worlds Attend the Feldenkrais Method® Annual Conference

By Diana Razumny, GCFP

Would you like to REALLY know what the Feldenkrais Method is all about? What better time than summer in the Rocky Mountains? Come to Boulder, Colorado for an incredible week- July 25th through August 1- of immersion into the world of your senses and mental stimulation that will keep you talking for months afterwards.
This year’s conference is going to be exceptional:

We have invited some of the world’s leading teachers of the Feldenkrais Method to offer a wide variety of workshops. It is an opportunity for pleasure and learning that can change your life! For information on the presenters, go to:

The conference is being held on the beautiful campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder. For more on the university, go to:

Boulder is a delightful destination – from shopping to outdoor activities. Check out the city at:

Our Keynote talk, Mending the Mind: Bridging Awareness and Healing, will be given by renowned author Joan Borysenko on Sunday evening, July 27. Joan’s New York Times bestseller, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, is one of many contributions that she has made to the field of body-mind research. Her talk promises to stimulate and educate as she shares some of the latest scientific research that supports the work of Dr. Feldenkrais as well as many other body-mind disciplines.

For more information, go to:

Please join us at the Keynote at the University Memorial Center on Campus at 7 PM. Register soon, as this will surely be a sold-out event. Go to:

The conference starts on Friday, July 25, with several different workshops. Moti Nativ, one of the premier practitioners of the Ninja arts, is coming from Israel to give a three day workshop exploring how the Feldenkrais Method is rooted in martial arts. To read more about Moti Navi, go to:

This same weekend in a 2-day workshop, master ski instructor Margret McIntyre shares her knowledge of the Method and how it applies to skiing and snowboarding. For more on Margaret McIntyre, go to:

If you prefer a wider sampling, during this same Saturday and Sunday, you can choose a workshop on the following topics: Support for Sports, Yoga, Movement of Self-compassion, Fly casting, Healthy Hamstrings, and Cycling. To read about the offerings, go to:

Monday through Friday, you can start your day with a free Awareness Through Movement class. There will be seven different themes running simultaneously with the topics of: Yoga, Pilates, Running, Voice, Tango, Rolfing®/Structural Integration and recordings of Moshe Feldenkrais. Take your pick, mix and match or follow one thread.

During the week, we have something for everyone. Daily workshops will provide a large variety to choose from. The topics being covered are: voice, horseback riding, musical performance, running, authentic movement, breath, tango & dance, walking, Pilates, G.I. Gurdjieff’s teachings, evolution of movement, sports and research.

To plan your summer vacation of fun with the Feldenkrais Method in the beautiful Rockies, visit:

Public registration:

Practitioners wanting to register, please visit:

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