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Featured Region: The Feldenkrais Method® Throughout New York

By Kathy Yates and Sonja Johansson, GCFPs, NY Regional Representatives

What makes the New York Region so unique? We are the most active region and have in New York City one of the (if not “the”) highest density of Feldenkrais® Practitioners in North America.

As a New Yorker, how do you go about exploring the benefits that the Feldenkrais Method has to offer?

The New York region, encompassing the whole of the state of New York, has its own featured website: At our website you can learn more about the Method, find a schedule that lists most group classes being offered throughout the state, view upcoming workshops at a glance with our events calendar, or locate a practitioner near you for a personalized lesson.

Within New York you will find certified Practitioners and Student Awareness Through Movement® teachers who apply the Feldenkrais Method when working with many specialized groups from high performance athletes and dancers, individuals with chronic pain and special needs children.  There is even a snowboarding expert!

For the past 11 years practitioners have gathered together annually to present new ideas to each other and the general public at their own regional Conference. And currently there are two Guild-accredited Feldenkrais trainings taking place in Manhattan. 

There is a series of free introductory workshops being organized for the coming year. We hope you will bookmark our website so you can take advantage of these events as they are posted.

For people on a limited budget we offer a Low Fee Clinic where for $20 you will receive a private Functional Integration® lesson from a new practitioner under the supervision of a senior practitioner. For more information or to schedule a session contact: Diane Nicole at 212 877 8227 ext. 212. 

Besides locations that are dedicated to the Feldenkrais Method such as the Feldenkrais Institute (one of the largest centers in North America), The Feldenkrais Learning Center, and Feldenkrais Associates, there are Feldenkrais practitioners teaching in Y’s, sports clubs, Physical Therapy offices and universities. You will also find us exploring movement in the most unlikely places; for example, on a pier overlooking the East River at the MS Charity Walk, Gilda’s Club, and in open fields in Central Park.

With this variety of locations and individual practitioners you are sure to find someone with whom you can feel confident and comfortable engaging in this unique and empowering process.

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