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The Feldenkrais Method®: One Click Away

By by Lavinia Plonka, GCFP

In Malcolm Gladwell’s notable book, The Tipping Point, he speaks of the types of people required to create a social epidemic. One of them he calls a Maven: someone who discovers something before others and lets the world know about it. For years, members of the Feldenkrais® community were mavens bringing a new field to the world. 

Now, Google “Feldenkrais” and you will get an average of 894,000 results. The World Wide Web is an exciting resource for learning about the Feldenkrais Method®: You can find classes, videos, podcasts. Download free lessons, get free newsletters, join in conversations, visit blogs and even include your own experiences. Every day there are more sites including information about the Feldenkrais Method. If you have checked the Web for information about the Feldenkrais Method, you are what Gladwell calls an early adopter.  It’s people like you who will eventually lead to the tipping point moment when the Feldenkrais Method finally becomes an “overnight sensation.” 

In the meantime, here is just a small sampling of some of the wonderful resources you can find. Look for future issues of SenseAbility to discover more!

You Tube

The Feldenkrais Institute of NY offers a nice introduction.

A very funny video called Feldenkrais for Everyone

The program Healing Quest does an excellent program on theFeldenkrais Method with Anat Baniel”“> “Feldenkrais Method with Anat Baniel”

Ruthy Alon demonstrates and speaks of the Feldenkrais Method


An amazing Functional Integration® lesson by Moshe Feldenkrais has a large listing of many free Feldenkrais videos


Ryan Nagy’s site offers a wealth of pod casts from some of our most noted teachers.

A podcast for Dancers on use of the foot

A podcast of an interview with Trainer Frank Wildman on the program: “A Taste of Sex

Free Lessons

Lots of free audio downloads at: – lessons at your desk as well as free audio downloads from her books

An audio lesson on differentiation of the foot by Moshe Feldenkrais, offered by the IFF (International Feldenkrais Federation)

And don’t forget the free lessons at!


Cynthia Allen’s Integrative Learning Center Newsletter offers book suggestions, workshop info and more. 

Mary Beth Smith offers many resources at:


Join the group: Feldenkrais Method® This Stuff Rocks! Where you’ll meet practitioners and Feldie fans alike.

Do you have a favorite website or online resource for the Feldenkrais Method? Do you have a video or podcast online that you’d like others to know about?

Contact SenseAbility: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your suggestions.


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