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Articles: Children

The Toddler in the Shower

Next to me at the swimming pool shower is a little girl, about 18 months old. She’s a tiny…   Continued...

Author: Judy Windt, GCFP    |    Filed under: ATM Lessons  Children  

The Feldenkrais Method with Atypical Children

For the past several years, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Linda Flanders, has been working with atypical children; those who have complex…   Continued...

Filed under: Children  Special Needs  

The Feldenkrais Method for Children with Cerebral Palsy

The first scholarly research paper on the use of the Feldenkrais Method® with children was written by Chava Selhav…   Continued...

Filed under: Children  Special Needs  

Stress at an Early Age

We have created and now live in a fast paced technological world. Our children are taught about computers as…   Continued...

Author: Linda Flanders    |    Filed under: Children  Stress  

Movement as a Model of Learning

“It has always been my dream to introduce Feldenkrais® to the schools’ main curriculum, as a subject in its…   Continued...

Filed under: Children  Special Needs  

Learning to Crawl

Most new parents hope and assume their infant will navigate successfully through all the normal developmental…   Continued...

Author: Jane McClenney, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  Children  

Compassion & Balance Inside & Out

There’s a paradigm shift happening today. More and more people are realizing we “think” with our bodies. This shift…   Continued...

Author: Catherine Mitchell, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  ATM Lessons  Children  The Classroom  Creativity  Enriching Daily Life  Flexibility  General Applications  

ATM Lesson: How Do You Write?

Here is a simple way to introduce movement into your classroom without disrupting the room. It is written for…   Continued...

Filed under: ATM Lessons  Children  The Classroom  

Enhancing Childrens' Self-Awareness

For the past several years, Feldenkrais® practitioner Donna Ray-Reese has had the good fortune of teaching Awareness Through Movement®…   Continued...

Filed under: Children  The Classroom  

The Feldenkrais Method® in Eating Disorder Recovery

“The domain of core self seems to be where psychology crosses paths with brains and bodies.” 
-Roger…   Continued...

Author: Abigail Natenshon, MA, LCSW, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  Children  General Applications  Recovery  

Developing the Whole Child

Feldenkrais® practitioner Kathy Yates vividly remembers the first time she heard one of her young students with special needs…   Continued...

Author: Barbara Forbes, GCFP    |    Filed under: Children  Special Needs  

Creative Learning Through Movement with Children

Through movement we experience our world. Long before verbal and cognitive development take center stage, we learn through our…   Continued...

Author: Sonja H. Sutherland, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  Children  The Classroom  Creativity  Enriching Daily Life  

An Interview with Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel is world-renowned for her Feldenkrais® work with children. In this interview, she clarifies many questions about the…   Continued...

Filed under: Children  Special Needs  

A Dynamic Systems Approach: A Revolutionary Perspective on Childhood Development Theory

For at least half a century, the prevailing idea of childhood development has been that the basic sequence of…   Continued...

Author: Ann Harman, GCFP    |    Filed under: Children  Special Needs  Walking  

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