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Articles: The Workplace

Skeletal Awareness Can Help You Be More Comfortable Throughout the Day

The following experiment will help you experience how the position of your feet can affect the comfort of your…   Continued...

Author: Pamela Kihm, GCFT    |    Filed under: The Workplace  

Rising Again: Gérard Rubaud bakes his famous bread with the help of the Feldenkrais Method®

In the past week, during his twelve to fourteen hour days of making bread, Gérard Rubaud has noticed himself…   Continued...

Author: Alice Levitt    |    Filed under: Introduction  Chronic Pain  Creativity  The Elder Citizen  Enriching Daily Life  Flexibility  Functional Integration  General Applications  Walking  The Workplace  

Repetitive Strain Tips

One of the focuses of the Feldenkrais Method® is on how we move and what that can that can…   Continued...

Author: Cliff Smyth    |    Filed under: Chronic Pain  The Workplace  

Imaging Oneself into Existence: Recovering from the Trauma of War

Everybody’s aging; Moshe Feldenkrais said that we get to choose how we age. The mind can become clearer, daily…   Continued...

Author: Margot Schaal, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  ATM Lessons  Chronic Pain  Creativity  The Elder Citizen  Enriching Daily Life  Flexibility  Functional Integration  General Applications  The Workplace  

Fireman Meets the Feldenkrais Method

As a New York City Fireman and Feldenkrais® practitioner I have had the experience of using the Feldenkrais Method…   Continued...

Author: Charles Velez, GCFT, FDNY    |    Filed under: The Workplace  

Cab Driver and Massage Therapist Speaks Up

I am a 71 year old man. By vocation a career massage therapist—NY State licensed and still working at…   Continued...

Author: Arthur Demetriou, GCFT, LMT    |    Filed under: The Workplace  

Adjust Your Positions as well as Your Furniture

Many postural habits begin in childhood, and often we aren’t really aware of our tendencies. Habit dulls the sensory…   Continued...

Filed under: Posture  The Workplace  

Active Sitting

When you’re busy at your computer, reading, or watching TV, you may forget that you’re also sitting - until…   Continued...

Author: Mary Newell    |    Filed under: The Back  Enriching Daily Life  Posture  The Workplace  

A Systemic Approach to Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries, particularly those brought about by repetitive activities such as assembly line work or computer keyboarding, can be…   Continued...

Filed under: The Workplace  

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