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Articles: Yoga

Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method®

Born with three fused vertebrae in my neck, by my early twenties I was beginning to experience pain down…   Continued...

Author: Diane Valentine, GCFP    |    Filed under: Chronic Pain  Recovery  Yoga  

The Joy of Discovery

Yoga poses and movements are meant to unfold from the core of an individual’s spine, breath, and awareness, rather…   Continued...

Author: Deedee Eisenberg, Ph.D.    |    Filed under: Yoga  

The Feldenkrais Method with Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga, a practice that was developed well over three thousand years ago and formally organized into a methodological discipline…   Continued...

Author: Josef DellaGrotte, Ph.D.    |    Filed under: Martial Arts  Yoga  

The Feldenkrais Method in the Yoga Class

Yoga classes have always been a gathering point for people with widely diverging abilities, interests, and states of health.…   Continued...

Author: Ofer Erez    |    Filed under: Yoga  

Supporting Methods

With 14 years of experience as a Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and 7 years as a Feldenkrais® practitioner, I…   Continued...

Author: Marcia Giudice    |    Filed under: Yoga  

Side Effects You Want

The Student Says:
As I wound my way up the highway from Los Angeles,I felt myself relaxing as…   Continued...

Author: Carolyn Garfinkel and Kate Jurgens    |    Filed under: Yoga  

Getting to Know the Neighborhood

One of the appeals of yoga is its large number of interesting and inventive poses, called asanas. While a…   Continued...

Author: Maureen McHugh    |    Filed under: Yoga  

A Flip of the Hip

When it comes to performance, what can you expect from a Feldenkrais® lesson? Each performer is likely to have…   Continued...

Author: Jean Elvin, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  ATM Lessons  The Classroom  Creativity  Enriching Daily Life  Flexibility  General Applications  The Performing Arts  Voice Training  Yoga  

Fitness, Exercise, and the Feldenkrais Method®

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais had strong opinions about exercise, and would surely condemn current conventional practices.

Author: Steven Shafarman, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  Enriching Daily Life  Flexibility  General Applications  Martial Arts  Sports  Walking  Yoga  

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