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Articles: Voice Training

The Feldenkrais Method for Actors

St. Cyr: I’ve always loved a particular quote of Dr. Feldenkrais, “If you know what you are doing, you…   Continued...

Author: Tommie St. Cyr    |    Filed under: Introduction  General Applications  The Performing Arts  Voice Training  

First, Tune the Musician -

Radical Listening in Musical Improvisation

David Kaetz, GCFP, will be teaching his workshop Continued...

Author: -Aarti Rana    |    Filed under: Introduction  Creativity  The Performing Arts  Voice Training  

The Beginning Is a Very Good Place to Start:

A Conversation about the Feldenkrais Method® with Master Teacher Maxine Davis

I climbed the brownstone’s steps and rang the buzzer for apartment 4. Feldenkrais® teacher Maxine Davis welcomed me into…   Continued...

Author: Jill Anna Ponasik    |    Filed under: Introduction  The Performing Arts  Voice Training  

Natural Voice Training with the Feldenkrais Method

Human vocal production is a phenomenon that requires the development of complex integration skills in ourselves, with elaborate features…   Continued...

Author: Richard Corbeil    |    Filed under: Voice Training  

A Flip of the Hip

When it comes to performance, what can you expect from a Feldenkrais® lesson? Each performer is likely to have…   Continued...

Author: Jean Elvin, GCFP    |    Filed under: Introduction  ATM Lessons  The Classroom  Creativity  Enriching Daily Life  Flexibility  General Applications  The Performing Arts  Voice Training  Yoga  

Awareness Through Movement® for Public Speakers

A dry mouth, shallow breathing, a rapid heartbeat, a tight throat, upset stomach, shaky hands and knees. Are you…   Continued...

Author: Carol McAmis    |    Filed under: Voice Training  

Author of New Book Speaks Up

How does one develop an internal feel for what sounds good? How do you learn to use all of…   Continued...

Author: Samuel H. Nelson, Ph. D.    |    Filed under: Voice Training  

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