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Articles: The Back

Sean, Who Learned to be Tall

A charming six year-old, Sean had bright red hair, twinkling green eyes and a spray of freckles. This solid…   Continued...

Author: Felicia Noelle Trujillo    |    Filed under: The Back  

Leg Tilt: An Awareness Through Movement® Lesson

  1. With your arms and legs long at your side, feel your contact with the floor. Take a guess:…   Continued...

    Author: Frank Wildman    |    Filed under: ATM Lessons  The Back  

    Feeling Whole Again, and Again

    Five years ago, John Pollard, at age 46 had always felt himself to be strong and capable. He had…   Continued...

    Author: Bob Hunter    |    Filed under: The Back  

    A Case in Persistence and Learning

    Jan is one of those people who just doesn’t take no for an answer, even when it comes from…   Continued...

    Author: Pat Buchanan, PhD, ATC, PT, GCFT    |    Filed under: Introduction  The Back  Balance and Falling  Chronic Pain  Enriching Daily Life  Flexibility  Recovery  The Shoulders  Special Needs  Walking  

    Adapted from Feldenkrais®: The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement

    Thousands of us undergo unnecessary surgeries in an attempt to restore pain free function to our backs. We suffer…   Continued...

    Author: Frank Wildman    |    Filed under: The Back  

    Active Sitting

    When you’re busy at your computer, reading, or watching TV, you may forget that you’re also sitting - until…   Continued...

    Author: Mary Newell    |    Filed under: The Back  Enriching Daily Life  Posture  The Workplace  

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